March 6, 2013

Website Wednesday :)

Wow…two blog posts back to back….I am pretty impressed with myself.  Haha.


Anyway….. I have decided to start a trend every Wednesday called “Website Wednesday.”   Every Wednesday I will provide you (my fabulous readers) with an amazing website that is floating out there in cyberspace.


So…..the first website for “Website Wednesday” is:



At Easy CBM anyone can sign up for a free account.  Once signed up you are able to download FREE fluency and comprehension passages that are perfect for progress monitoring your students. Easy CBM doesn’t just have reading resources---but also math resources.  These tools are for K-12, so it is a fit for all grade levels.


In addition to all of the free monitoring probes, Easy CBM allows you to set up your class on their website---that way you can track each student’s progress.


In my district we use AimsWeb to progress monitor students, so we don’t have a huge need to use EasyCBM; however it is a nice resource to have for extra practice.  I have printed off all of the passages and have my students practice them once or twice a week....especially before a progress monitor test.  This extra fluency practice puts their heads in the right spot! If your district doesn’t have a tool to progress monitor students… should definitely check out EasyCBM!!! 





  1. Cute stuff Katie
    I ended up back over here from TPT. Ha! I'm seeing so many new people that I forget if I've been to their site. Once I got here I remembered how much I loved your blog style.

  2. Thanks for this great site!It looks like it will come in handy if I teach 6th grade reading next year. I just found your blog through a comment you left on Mrs O's blog. I'm your newest follower! :)

    I Run Read Teach