March 27, 2013

We Give Books

We have done it!  We have made it half way through the week. :) Yeah!  And...not only is it the middle of the week, it is also time for Website Wednesday!!

As a reading specialist, I am always looking for ways to build our school's literacy lab.  Our literacy lab is where we house reading resources for the whole school that any teacher can borrow at anytime.  We have novel sets, reading theater plays, Reading A-Z books, National Geographic magazines, etc.  All reading materials are organized by reading teachers can easily select an appropriate text for their whole class instruction, novel groups, or small groups.

Recently, I stumbled upon this GREAT website that will help me in my mission to build the literacy lab. Not only can it help my school...but it could also help your school earn FREE BOOKS!  The website is called We Give Books.

When you sign up for a free account at We Give Books; students, teachers and parents can view children's books online for free.  The books that are available aren't boring books---but rather  popular books---that students would enjoy.  Readability of the books are ages 0-10.  Did I mention it is free? 


Another great thing about We Give Books is that when you sign up you can read for a certain cause.  Every time you, or a student reads a book online---a book is donated to the cause of your choice.  Until April 5th---you can select "Read for my School." and earn the books for your school (after you register your school of course---but it is not hard...don't worry)!  I know April 5th is literally right around the corner and you probably don't have time to earn a lot of free books---but We Give Books does this every year----so----make sure you sign up for this next year!  However... go ahead and visit the site and start earning books for another worthy cause!



  1. Katie- I found you through the TpT forum. Thank you for sharing this AWESOME website! Pinning it as we speak! I am always looking for ways to put "books" in student's hands! (and now to help those in need too!) :)

    The Applicious Teacher

  2. Leigh--I hope you like the site! I love it! I am headed to your blog right after I type this.....

  3. I love to use We Give Books on my Smartboard- I didn't know about donating to the school, though! I will read some over Spring Break!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. Maria it is a great site..., isn't it!! I wish they had books for older kids though. Maybe that will come some day. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I use this site too - so great for the end of the day when we're all cleaned up and have some time to read.

    Susanna Westby

    Whimsy Workshop