September 10, 2019

Kids Notice...

If you ever get a chance to attend a Todd Whitaker presentation.....YOU BETTER DO IT!  

Last week educators in our district had the pleasure to see Todd Whitaker speak.  To us!  In our suburbia district in Kansas!  WHAT!?!  We were so jazzed...I mean he is one of the leading authorities on staff motivation, teacher leadership and principal effectiveness.   And....let me tell was  dynamic!

There were so many amazing statements he made, but the one that stuck with me the most is: "The only person in the classroom that should know you are in a bad mood is....You."  This stuck with me.   Not that I am in a bad mood frequently...but lets face it....we all know we have bad days, and we also know those teachers that CONSISTENTLY have bad days.  BUT, why should the kids know we are having a bad day??

When teachers love their jobs, students notice. When teachers are having fun, students notice.  When teachers are excited and enthusiastic about the content they teach, students notice. When teachers are counting down the days until summer, students notice.  When teachers are are grumpy because of X,Y,Z, students notice.  It turns out student's notice A LOT!  

This school year students will be noticing my positivity and enthusiasm.  What will the students notice about you?

I should also point out that Todd has written over 50 books!! FIFTY!!  I honestly don't know if this man sleeps...

I have had the please of reading two of them.....What Great Teachers Do Differently and School Culture Rewired.  I highly recommend School Culture Rewired for any first year principal--it was a quick and easy read that included strategies on how to define and improve a building's culture.   At this point I don't have any aspirations on becoming a building principal, but if I did...I'd be STUDYING this book! :)

August 20, 2019

Goals.....get em' crushed!

Soooooooo.......some of us have already transitioned back to school (GASP!!!), and others have a few weeks of that summery greatness left (jealous...but I still love ya!).

It's Back to School with 47 of the Best Teacher Memes! | Team Jimmy Joe

I'm apart of the first group...the group that has begun to set their alarm clocks, do their hair, wear makeup and loose sleep at night because their brain WON'T TURN OFF!  Yep......that is me. all seriousness I love the back to school season!  Yes, I do love my summers,  but it makes me so happy seeing the excitement and big smiles students wear on their first day back to school. :) Oh...and the hugs kiddos give because they haven't seen you in two months---those are the best! :)

This year I took a few moments to jot down some professional and personal goals I have for the upcoming school year. is a perfect time to consider what you want to achieve and then commit to crushing them! :)

So here they all their glory!

Professionally I want to become a better educator of adults.  In my current position (learning support interventionist) I get the best of both worlds. I work with kids AND adults. :)  I plan to read professional books, work with my principal and colleagues to sharpen my skills of presenting and coaching. :)

Personally I want to lose a few pounds, be a better listener to my husband and spend time in the moment with my family!

My word for the year is growth....this year is all about growth for me (except weight...that needs to go down. ha!)

I'd love it if you linked up and shared your goals with me!  Afterall...there is strength (and motivation) in numbers! Just download the template below or by clicking here , fill out your goals and link back up!  It would be wonderful if you visited the person who has linked before you.  

No go set those goals and CRUSH EM'!

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January 19, 2018

Melted Snowman Treat--Cheap and Easy!

Much of the United States is FINALLY starting to thaw out from the FREEZING temps we experienced earlier this week!  It was so cold in Kansas on Tuesday, that the school district I work for called off school.  With the windchill on that day, it felt like -25 degrees outside; which was WAY to dangerous for students that walk to school, or get dropped off early and have to wait outside!


It's snowing... Snoopy and Woodstock..
Anyway......these freezing temps sure had my students feeling down.  So....... I wanted to give them a little pick-me-up.  This treat was in the form of food---melted snowmen to be exact!  This treat was EASY. CHEAP and ohhhhhh so fun for the kids!

To assemble the "melted snowman" you need:

  • mini marshmallows (handful) 
    • This represents the "snow"
  • chocolate chips (1 tablespoon)
    • this represents the buttons, eyes, mouth, etc.
  • pretzel rods (one handful)
    • These are the legs and arms
  • ziplock snack size bag
  • label stapled to bag
I had these sitting on students desks when they came back from our "wind chill day."  It was sure a fun way to start the morning!   The treat for my whole class cost around 8 dollars---CHEAP!

Just an idea to warm the spirits of your kiddos......

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November 26, 2017


Happy weekend after Thanksgiving everyone!  I do hope you all enjoyed your holiday--and that it was filled with quality family time and delicious food!

I think I am still in a food coma....haha! BUT....the sad exciting part is that we will have leftovers for days! 
Food Coma  Suele pasar :( if November couldn't get any better....TPT is having a Cyber Monday Sale on November 27th and 28th.

This starts tomorrow people!!  

Image result for excited face meme

So stock up your carts today so you can get a 25% discount tomorrow! :) 

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Best of luck and happy shopping!! 

August 2, 2017

Back To School Sale with TPT!

By this point I am sure you have heard....... (and if you haven't....ummmmm where have you been???)

Teachers Pay Teachers is having their Back to School Sale.....and you only have a little over six hours left to save.

That is right.....six hours left!  So get those shopping carts loaded and checkout!

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July 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of about a little #TBT #throwbackthursday?

Last year I posted a tutorial on new-sew curtains....which are an easy and cheap way to decorate your classroom.  I am happy to report the curtains stayed up ALL YEAR....and I got loads of compliments on how "cute my room was."  We all know that a cute room makes us better teachers, right?! haha

To read the full tutorial click here, or on the pictures below.

July 19, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday (Or Wednesday.....)

I love the linky party that Forever in Fifth Grade hosts every month!  I mean.....who doesn't love a show and tell??

 I'm still waiting on baby boy to arrive!  We are currently 38 weeks...and I am hoping it will be any day now.  The end of pregnancy combined with stifling summer heat is no fun at all!

I think summers were created to make memories and spend time with family.....and that is exactly what we have tried to do! :)  Earlier this summer we spent a few days at Table Rock Lake.....SO beautiful.....and SO fun!  We also have family dinners as much as we can. :)  

Summers are also meant for exploring.....especially the city or town in which you live. My sister, mom and I spent some time at Botanica, which is a local community garden in Wichita.  The flowers were beautiful!  Next year I plan on taking Baby Boy there often, as they have many kid geared activities each day of the week. If you have a local garden in your community--you should make a visit!

I can't believe the upcoming school year is right around the corner!  Last year I handed out "The Starfish Story" to my coworkers prior to the year starting.  The story is a great reminder about our impact as truly is an inspiring and motivating piece of text.  Interested in using this to inspire your staff?  Click here or on the picture to download the freebie at my TPT store!