July 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of Thursday...how about a little #TBT #throwbackthursday?

Last year I posted a tutorial on new-sew curtains....which are an easy and cheap way to decorate your classroom.  I am happy to report the curtains stayed up ALL YEAR....and I got loads of compliments on how "cute my room was."  We all know that a cute room makes us better teachers, right?! haha

To read the full tutorial click here, or on the pictures below.

July 19, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday (Or Wednesday.....)

I love the linky party that Forever in Fifth Grade hosts every month!  I mean.....who doesn't love a show and tell??

 I'm still waiting on baby boy to arrive!  We are currently 38 weeks...and I am hoping it will be any day now.  The end of pregnancy combined with stifling summer heat is no fun at all!

I think summers were created to make memories and spend time with family.....and that is exactly what we have tried to do! :)  Earlier this summer we spent a few days at Table Rock Lake.....SO beautiful.....and SO fun!  We also have family dinners as much as we can. :)  

Summers are also meant for exploring.....especially the city or town in which you live. My sister, mom and I spent some time at Botanica, which is a local community garden in Wichita.  The flowers were beautiful!  Next year I plan on taking Baby Boy there often, as they have many kid geared activities each day of the week. If you have a local garden in your community--you should make a visit!

I can't believe the upcoming school year is right around the corner!  Last year I handed out "The Starfish Story" to my coworkers prior to the year starting.  The story is a great reminder about our impact as teachers....it truly is an inspiring and motivating piece of text.  Interested in using this to inspire your staff?  Click here or on the picture to download the freebie at my TPT store!