November 28, 2014

It's On---Cyber Monday Sale!

Hello everyone!!

I sure do hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. :)  My family sure did.....we traveled to Hays, Kansas and spent time with my sister-in-law and family.  We all had a great time playing games, eating delicious food, watching football, napping.....and, heck....we even jump roped!  I call Thanksgiving 2014 a success! :)

I found this cute little gem floating around on Facebook.....and I thought it was pretty hilarious.  If you haven't seen it......You're welcome.....if you have to admit its pretty funny!

In other news......TPT is having a site-wide sale from December 1 until December 2nd!  My entire store will be 20% off !  Whoop Whoop!!  ALSO....if you use the promo code "TPTCYBER" you get an additional 10%.  YESSSSSSS!!!

Check out some of my products that will be on sale:

One Breath Boxes---Awesome for fluency!  Regular price: $3.50.....Sale Price $2.45!

Morphology Packs---Awesome for word study and vocabulary development!  Regular price: $5.00.....Sale Price $3.50!

Interactive Notebook Pages---Lots of pages to add to interactive notebooks based on particular skills. Regular price: $2.00.....Sale Price $1.40!

Interactive Notebook Bundle---Everything you need for a reading Interactive Notebook! Regular price: $15.00.....Sale Price $10.50! 


 Task Cards---Task cards are a perfect way to practice already taught skills! Regular price: $3.00.....Sale Price $2.10!

Soooooooo......... shop away my away!!!

November 10, 2014

Monday Made It

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!

I believe this is my first time linking up with Tara for this party, and I am pretty excited!!   Although I must admit I didn't **technically** make the products I am sharing.....the kiddos are doing it.

In fact....they aren't even really I guess I should call my post "Monday MAKING It, " instead of "Monday Made It."    Nonetheless.... I am excited to share what some of the students in my school are working on.


The pictures may not look like much....but when the students are finished....they will have a product that means the world!

You see the kiddos pictured in these photos are students that volunteer (on their own time...before like 7:45am own time) to be apart of Kindness Club.  In case you want to know more about KC your can read about it here.   I strongly encourage schools to start a Kindness Club, as my school counselor has, because the program makes a HUGE difference.

Anyway....the students pictured are modge podging jugs to begin collecting pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House!  How sweet, giving and empathetic is that?!?!  I just love the hearts of kids!

Collecting and donating pop tabs to a Ronald McDonald House is a small gesture that schools can easily implement.  This one small gesture has immeasurable if you classroom, or school want to do something great for your community (or a nearby community), check out how donating pop tabs may make a difference!

Click here to learn about Ronald McDonald House the video below to learn more about Ronald McDonald House Charities!

November 3, 2014

Currently November

As in typical fashion.....I am (once again) late to Farley's Currently party.  Better late than never, right?!?!

I am currently listening to  Monday Night Football......We are addicted to sports in our house.  Sports are always joke!  Is anyone else watching football.....just curious if anyone heard Chris Botti perform the Star Spangled Banner?  It was AMAZING!!!

I am loving that tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary!  Happy anniversary to my amazing husband!!

I am thinking I can't wait for Rudy to start her therapy dog classes.  In case you have no idea what I am talking can read all about it here!  Basically.....I applied for a grant to get my pupper trained to be a therapy dog....and I GOT THE GRANT!!  Woot Woot!!  She starts training December 

I am wanting to figure out Tsu??  Do you guys Tsu??  I just recently joined because so many people were talking about!  I still don't really get it.....hopefully I can figure it out soon!

I am needing a good reading diagnostic!!  Currently our district uses the DRA....but teachers are so not a fan.  Their biggest complaint is that it takes TOO MUCH TIME!!  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am currently reading What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker. 

My building is doing this as a book study for PD.  It's a book that will make you think and reflect on your current teaching its a quick read!!  I highly recommend it!  I plan to blog about the chapters......but I haven't been the best at blogging lately......but it's a good plan!!

Happy November everyone!!