January 19, 2016

Start Your Year Inspired--A TPT Sale!!

Well.....the cat is out of the bag........

TPT is having a sale!!  Who doesn't love a sale!!!

The sale starts Wednesday, January 20th  and runs through Thursday, January 21st.  That is only two days!  TWO DAYS!

Most TPT sellers are setting their ENTIRE store at 20% off, and then TPT is throwing in an additional 8% off if you use code START16--this is a huge savings for buyers!

Click on over to TPT today and start loading up your carts!

Happy shopping!!

January 16, 2016

Put $10 in your pocket!

A while back I had a lil' blog post on apps that earn you money.
You can check that out by clicking here.

Well....my FAVORITE of those money saving apps (Ibotta) just sweetened the pot a little bit (as if it could get any sweeter!).

For a limited time only Ibotta will give $10 to any new user that signs up now using a referral code and redeems at least one rebate within 30 days!

Hello.....that is $10 dollars in your pocket!  All for downloading an app and redeeming one rebate!

If you want to know more about how Ibotta works, read about it here.

If you want to know more about the special offer Ibotta is running (Give $10, get $5), read about it here!

If you want to sign up and earn your $10, I'd love if you signed up under me! Click this link to get started! My referral code is: EJAMMKF

If you don't sign up under me......check around and see if any of your friends or family have a referral code.  I am sure they would love to earn and extra $5!

Happy app-downloading and money earning! :)

January 3, 2016

January Pick 3--Check out some great ideas!

Ohhhh.....school starts tomorrow!!!  Waaaaa!

How does time go soooooooo fast?!?

Luckily, flipping through the blog posts for January's Pick 3 linky is forcing my brain to start thinking! My  mind has been on "coast mode" for the last two weeks......so this linky is just the thing I needed.

My first pick isn't really school or teaching related....but the hubs and I tried this over Christmas break and it is FANTASTIC!

 Click on image to view pin
Click on image to view pin. 
You throw these ingredients into a pot on your stove and simmer.......it makes your WHOLE HOUSE smell like Christmas morning! :)  Heaven!

The second pick is great for the first day back from break!

Click on image to view pin.
I am a fan of changing seating arrangements (especially something fresh when you come back from break)....and I love this idea because it gets kids talking, moving around!  Easy to do...and fun for kids!

My third pick is something that is great to start with your family at the beginning of the year, but can easily be done with your class!

Click image to view pin.
Simply take a jar (you can find lots of cheap ones at the dollar store!), add a cute label and fill it with memories you have throughout the year.

I have never done this before--but have always wanted too!  Many of the blogs I have read say that their families fill the jar throughout the year and then read all of the memories on New Year's Eve!  How fun!!

You could easily do this with your class.....even if the year is halfway over....but it would be fun to remember the good times at the end of the school year!

If you are searching for more great ideas.....follow my Pinterest feed

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Oh and don't forget to hop over to the January Pick 3 linky to discover more great ideas!

January 2, 2016

Currently January

Well hello there.....and happy 2016!!!!

Okay...I couldn't resist. I. Freaking. Love the Golden Girls!!!

Anyway....today I am ringing in the new year (a day late) with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her Currently link up!

Currently I am listening to the ding from Facebook messenger. Both of my sisters live far away from me....so we stay in touch by talking through messenger.  We even have virtual holidays.  I love it....and I love them.

I am loving the new book series I am reading, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Marissa Meyer has done a fantastic job rewriting classic fairy tales to make them futuristic, and I can't put these books down!  If you are looking for a great new series to read---this is it!

I am thinking "yay....I am not sick!" You All.....I have been sick....like so, so, so sick.  You see....I got this little thing called the flu....and I threw up every thirty minutes for two days straight. On the positive side, I did lose six pounds, but I would much rather have preferred to do it a different way.

I am wanting more days of break.  As mentioned above....the flu robbed me of about three days of break, and that is not fair!

As much as I am wanting more days, I an needing a routine.  These lazy days have been great...but I need some regularity. :)

My one little word is hope.  This year I will have hope that some of my dreams will come true! :)