July 22, 2015

Apps that earn YOU money! :)

The "Back to School" time of year is typically money tight for most people.

Well....breathe a sigh of relief...because.....

I am here to tell you about a few apps (four actually) that will alleviate the stress on your budget....and actually earn you money!
These apps are free.  No gimmicks.  No tricks.  And....they legit work!

In fact, I wouldn't share them if they were a scam.  I personally use all four of them! :)

Here are the four apps that you should download right now!

1.  Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that pays you for certain purchases.  Basically, you buy something, scan the bar-code of the product, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to Ibotta.  

I primarily use this app for grocery shopping.....but you can also use it for restaurants, apparel, beauty, electronics, travel and pets!

This is my favorite money earning app of the four!  It's my fav. because you can link your Ibotta account to your Paypal...which makes money earned super easy to access!  PLUS...you don't have to earn a minimum in order to transfer to Paypal.  If you earn $1.00....you can transfer the $1.00!  ALSO....Ibotta has rebates for items you really do use....like fresh produce, milk, bread, etc!

Oh...and there is a teamwork component.  If your friends redeem rebates via Ibotta, you can earn extra money just because they are using the app.  Everyone earns....and wins! 

Check out Ibotta's website to learn more, by clicking here! Sign up for Ibotta by clicking here.

 2. Snap by Groupon
Snap by Groupon, is very similar to Ibotta.  You purchase qualifying products, snap your receipt and upload it to Snap to earn cash.

I must admit .....this money earning app is my least favorite of the four.

I say this because you are limited to only grocery products.  The rebates that are available are usually specific brands (unlike Ibotta which offers generic rebates on customer favorites like bread, eggs or milk).  For example you have to buy Quaker Oat Squares to earn cash back, compared to a generic "buy any cereal" rebate.

Additionally, you have to earn $20 before you can ever cash out.  Snap will mail you a check when you reach $20....so no easy access to the money you have earned.  Nonetheless.....you do still earn money!

Check out Snap's website to learn more, by clicking here.  Sign up for Snap by clicking here!

Checkout 51 is pretty identical to Snap.  Like Snap, Checkout 51 can earn you cash for grocery purchases.  Checkout 51 also makes you wait until you earn $20 before you can cash out.....and they also send you a check.

I like Checkout 51 a teeny tiny bit better than Snap because they offer generic rebates with more frequency.  Checkout 51's rebates go live on Thursday and expire the following Wednesday....which means there is more variety in the rebates and new ones will appear each week.

To learn more about Checkout 51 click here.  To sign up for Checkout 51, click here!

Shopkick is quite a bit different than the above apps.  Instead of earning cash for rebates, you earn points (although with Shopkick they are called "kicks") that can be cashed in for gift cards or products. 

When I first heard of this app, I thought the gift cards would be lame.....but they are actually pretty awesome!  You can earn gift cards for Lowes, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sephora Cheesecake Factory, etc.  

To earn "kicks" you complete various tasks.  The easiest way to earn "kicks" is by opening the app when you walk into a retailer that has paired with Shopkick.  You can also earn "kicks" by scanning certain product bar-codes throughout the store (no need to buy--all you have to do is scan!).  If you want--you can purchase products through Shopkick to earn kicks---but this isn't necessary--all the other ways of earning "kicks" are free!

This app is my second favorite (behind Ibotta).  I felt kinda silly competing Shopkick tasks at first....but when I got my first reward, it made it all worth it! It's easy to do....and there are great prizes!

To learn more about Shopkick, click here.  To sign up for Shopkick, click here!

So......what are you waiting for.....GO GET THESE APPS!

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