June 15, 2017

Big (little) Announcement

So it is has been a hot minute (5 months of hot minutes...I guess) since I have last written a blog post.

And....y'all.....I have a really, really, really good reason! Did you happen to catch the blog title (Big (little) Announcement)?

You see.....I have been really busy creating a tiny human!

SO EXCITING, RIGHT?!?!   My husband and I are over the moon thrilled about our new adventure. AND...our families are equally enthusiastic! :)


Currently, I am 33 weeks (so the pictures above are a few weeks old.....just imagine me with a bigger baby bump!) Our little bundle is scheduled to arrive on August 5th....which is rapidly approaching.  AHHHHH!!!

I must admit my pregnancy has been pretty pain free (thank you Jesus!).  Prior to the pregnancy I had read all sorts of horror stories about morning sickness, back pain, aversions to foods, swelling of the hands and feet, etc.  You may hate me---but I have not gotten sick once.  Not. Ever!  As I am nearing the end of the third trimester it has been increasingly more difficult to walk, get out of bed, pick up something I have dropped....shave my legs. Ugh! But, in all honesty...I don't really have anything to complain about.

My blessings keep stacking up, too,  because baby and I have been checking out healthy at each appointment! :)  I am truly thankful!

In March, we had a fun little gender reveal party for family and close friends. Check out the pictures below!  I mean....how hilarious is that cake?!!?


Please excuse the dead grass......we were just coming off of winter and the grass hadn't had a chance to wake-up yet!

Anyway.....curious as to what we are having?? Everyone swore it was a girl........but.......

It's a BOY!!!!!

So.....I am very sorry I haven't posted in awhile.....but I do think you will forgive me (hopefully)...

Stay tuned for the nursery reveal and to read about the next chapter of our lives! :)