November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blog buddies and readers!

This cute Thanksgiving clip-art is from Prince Padania

We were supposed to be hosting Thanksgiving at our house with the ENTIRE family....but Old Man winter had different plans for us....

Thanks to this fun little weather system that has brought snow, freezing rain and ice into the state of husband and I are feasting on turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, corn casserole, pumpkin pie, apple pie and pumpkin pie dip....ALONE! Our family is stranded in the northern part of Kansas....and weather won't allow them to make the trip.

We will have leftovers for MONTHS!

Hope the weather has held up wherever you all are.....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 1, 2015

Currently November

Happy first day of November everyone!

I LOVE this month!

I LOVE this time of year!

I LOVE linking up with Farley for her Currently! :)

I'm listening to the Chiefs play in London!  Consequently, I am also listening to my lovely husband scream at the television. :) ha!

I am loving that it is November!  This is a special month for my family because we have lots of birthdays (my sister, step-son, father in-law and my husband)!  PLUS this is also our anniversary month!

I'm thinking about breakfast.  Whole wheat toast with Nutella is calling my name! :)

Y'all.....I am DESPERATELY wanting to not be sick.  In the month of October I have suffered through two sinus infections, a cold and a viral and bacterial eye infection.  I have never been so sick....and it is getting OLD.  I'm still taking medication for my eye infection and my second sinus infection. I just want to be healthy again!

Farley's original post said "yummy" at the bottom---so I changed mine to reflect that. :)  My yummy for this time of year is a pumpkin dip I make!  I'll post the recipe later....but it is DELICIOUS!