November 1, 2015

Currently November

Happy first day of November everyone!

I LOVE this month!

I LOVE this time of year!

I LOVE linking up with Farley for her Currently! :)

I'm listening to the Chiefs play in London!  Consequently, I am also listening to my lovely husband scream at the television. :) ha!

I am loving that it is November!  This is a special month for my family because we have lots of birthdays (my sister, step-son, father in-law and my husband)!  PLUS this is also our anniversary month!

I'm thinking about breakfast.  Whole wheat toast with Nutella is calling my name! :)

Y'all.....I am DESPERATELY wanting to not be sick.  In the month of October I have suffered through two sinus infections, a cold and a viral and bacterial eye infection.  I have never been so sick....and it is getting OLD.  I'm still taking medication for my eye infection and my second sinus infection. I just want to be healthy again!

Farley's original post said "yummy" at the bottom---so I changed mine to reflect that. :)  My yummy for this time of year is a pumpkin dip I make!  I'll post the recipe later....but it is DELICIOUS!


  1. I love November too. My favorite time of year! Mmm your breakfast sounds delicious and way healthier than mine ;)... I hope you feel better soon. This is usually the time of year I suffer from similar things. I will have to check back for this pumpkin dip!! Happy November!
    Texas Forever

  2. Oh no! Feel better!!! We have a lot of birthdays this month as well, including mine! <3 Happy November!
    Daisy Designs

  3. 1. Get well soon! 2. I LOVE Mindset by Dweck, and just re-read it recently. I also downloaded a Kindle preview of some book about teaching parents about mindset that I need to dive into soon. I hope you feel well soon :)

  4. This is a fun time of year! If our rain would stop it would be better! I hope you feel much better soon! I will be back to snag your pumpkin recipe!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  5. Haha I'm right there with you on the football! (including the screaming significant other lol) but I snuck upstairs to read the currently link ups in the comfort of my bed :D I love Nutella too but for some reason it doesn't make it onto the breakfast table very often... I think I like savoury stuff even more! I've been feelings kind of sick too! Fortunately not full on sick like you and I hope it just goes away but I have had a stuffy nose and a cough now for about a week :( My kids at school are all sick which doesn't help!! I will have to remember to check back for your delicious recipe later ;)

    A Pinch of Kinder

  6. I hope you feel better!! We read Mindset last year as a whole staff. It was a great read and provided for a lot of good discussion at our back to school PD. Happy November!

    Smocus Smocus

  7. Looking forward to the pumpkin dip recipe! October sounds like it was an awful one for you with all your illnesses - bless you. Hope you recover soon. November sounds a busy month but I bet it's gonna be so much fun with everything going on!

    Teaching Autism

  8. Hope you feel better soon... I was sick most of October, too, so I can relate!