October 26, 2015

It's here....Popular Purple! :)

So I am pretty excited about this post. :)

You see the other day I got a fabulous gift in the mail..........

This gift just happens to be one of my all time favorite colors.


Purple.....the rich and beautiful color that reminds me of my precious Kansas State Wildcats!

I needed an excuse to throw in a KSU Football game picture!  Here is the hubs and I at one of the games this season! :)
Okay...another one.  This is me and one of my best friends. :)
Purple....the hue that is apart of my district's school colors. Go Hornets! :)

Curious as to what my gift was???

Well......It was the newest color in the pencil sharpener lineup by Classroom Friendly Supplies!

Now introducing the BRAND SPANKING NEW COLOR: Popular Purple!

Isn't it beautiful?

Doesn't the color just make your heart smile?

If you haven't heard about the sharpeners that Classroom Friendly Supplies makes.....you should check out a previous post I wrote by clicking here.

These pencil sharpeners are seriously amazing!  I used to be such a fan of electric sharpeners.....in fact electric sharpeners were the only sharpeners I allowed in my classroom. However, when I tried the sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies...I became a convert.  I now have nothing but these sharpeners in my room.

The pros of this sharpener are:

Sharpens quickly
Sharpened tip is above average for sharpness
Sharpened tip is sturdy
Does not require electricity
Comes in a variety of colors
Easy to dispose of shavings

If you don't believe me.....hopefully the pictures speak for themselves.

If there was a downside to the sharpener.....it would be the lack of directions that come with the sharpener, and the cost.

Thus my cons are:

Pricey  ($18/sharpener)
Does not come with directions

Now....you are probably thinking...."why the heck does this lady need directions for a pencil sharpener?  How DULL (get it..haha) is she??"

Well...my friends....Classroom Friendly Supplies sends you a part that looks like this:

That part looks confusing....does it not??

Well....after some investigating, I figured out what it was for.  It is a clamp.....so you can clamp the pencil sharpener  to any hard flat surface.

The clamp is a pretty ingenious idea.....but it would have been nice for directions on what the mystery part was called and its use.

It is actually pretty easy to use (once you figure it out).  You simply insert the end of the metal clamp into the hole in the pencil sharpener and tighten the until the clamp is secure.

Excuse my nasty hands....I am constantly having fights with markers....and by the end of the day my hands are all beat up with various pen markings. :(

All in all I would say this Popular Purple pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies is definitely worth the investment.

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