March 24, 2014

World's Best Pencil Sharpener.......Ever (Thank you Classroom Friendly Supplies!!)

A while back I received a pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I was to the try the product (the pencil sharpener), take a few photos and write a review.

Now...most people would be none too thrilled to write a review about a pencil sharper.  I am sure to most---testing and reviewing a pencil sharpener would be like watching paint dry on a wall. every teacher would agree....I see the value in having a great pencil sharper for the classroom!!!  So....I was EXCITED about testing this little beaut out!!

Now, I am going to be honest about this review....what I tell you is my please keep that in mind. :)  As I began to test drive this lil' puppy, I gave myself three guiding questions.  These questions are listed below and helped me write my review:
  1. Would sharpening a pencil in the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener produce a sharper pencil than a traditional handheld, or electric sharpener would?
  2. How easy was it to sharpen a pencil?
  3. Can you sharpen colored pencils? 

Question 1: Would a pencil sharpened in this sharpener be sharper than a traditional or electric sharpener?
Answer 1: YES!!!  I thought my electric sharpener was good....but when I used the sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies....I was amazed at how sharp the pencils got!  Classroom Friendly Supplies beat the competition hands down!!!

The pencil on the left was sharpened using the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener.  The pencil on the right was sharpened with an electric sharpener.
A side you can see how sharp the pencil actually got!  Amazing...huh!!

Question 2:  How easy was it to sharpen a pencil?
Answer 2:   Sharpening a pencil isn't difficult by any means, but it is a little tricky at first.   Students need to squeeze the arms at the top extend out the sharpener.  They, again, squeeze the arms and insert the pencil.  As you sharpen you need to press down on the base of the sharpener.  Initially the kids and I had a bit of trouble...but now we have it down easy peasy!

Question 3:  Can you sharpen colored pencils?
Answer 3:   I am always looking for a good colored pencil sharpener, as my kids are constantly using colored pencils to shade in their progress graphs.  Unfortunately this sharpener does not sharpen colored pencils.  I tried with several, and the soft lead of the colored pencils kept breaking inside the sharpener. 

In my opinion the sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies is a GREAT BUY!!  It makes the sharpest pencils I have ever seen!!!  In fact word got around the school that  "Mrs. Orr has the worlds' greatest pencil sharpener" in her random kids come in my classroom and sharpen their pencil throughout the day!  I can't blame is a great sharpener!

If you have money left over in your classroom budget....I highly recommend purchasing this sharpener!  Click the picture above for pricing and more info!


  1. Love this review! I finally bought a very expensive pencil sharpener(after going through them like crazy) about 4 years ago. I NEVER let my students use it! HA! But, on Friday, it started having some troubles...I'm hoping it just needs to rest over the weekend, but if it doesn't I am definitely checking out this pencil sharpener! Sounds like a gem! Thank you for the excellent review!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

    1. Hi Katie!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing the news! I just sent in my request! Yay! You are so awesome for sharing!!!

      Thank you!!!
      Beth :)
      A Kindergarten Life For Me

    2. Beth,

      You are very much welcome! I just thought I would pass the tip along! I can't wait to read your review!!!