March 3, 2014

Currently March

Wow....March....already!  I can't believe it.....most of it may be due to the fact that Old Man Winter will not get out of Kansas!  Today we had another snow day due to extreme temperatures and icy/snowy conditions.  I love snow days.....but lets just say I am ready to wear flip flops people!!  Haha :)

Anyway I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade with her Currently Linky Party. :)  I love these linkys!!

1.  Surprise...surprise...sports are on at our house. Literally it is sports 24/7 at our house......but I am not complaining! :)

2. I am loving the fact that our home town team---the Wichita State Shockers---are 31 and 0!!  Have you all heard about them?  They are really doing well and sparking some much needed life/enthusiasm and pride in my hometown!  I am excited to see what these boys will do at the big dance!

3. I always have such high hopes for snow days....but by the end of the day I end up thinking, "where the heck did my snow day go?"  I did manage to watch two movies....ha!

4. I am in full research mode on how to improve my school's MTSS/RTI model.  We currently have a great system up and running...but I just feel like we are missing something.  What does your MTSS/RTI model look like?

5. After I finish up this blog post....I am going to be on the search for resources for my math tier 2 group.   This week 5th grade will be working on order of operations, and my sixth grade group will be working with fractions.

6.  Turquoise, peach and black are my answers....what is my question???

Thanks for reading my currently.......if you get a chance you should click on over to Polka Dot Lesson Plan's blog.  She is hosting giveaway for her blogiversary!  It's a pretty cool prize......a $50 Erin Condren gift card!!  Hello!! Score!!!


  1. We have had 8 snow days. I hate the cold and the snow. We now have to make up 2 of them in June!!

  2. Secret question "What are my favorite colors?"
    -Lovely Nina

  3. I really love our RTI model. I teach 1st, but our whole school uses the same model. We do RTI an hour a day, 4 days a week. We teach two 30 minute sessions within each grade level. We group the students based on level and need. The reason we teach two 30 minute sessions, is because we teach ELD in one class during one of the rotations. We also teach an enrichment group in each session, so we are also reaching our high students. As well as a fluency group for the at grade level kids...they use READS LIVE. We focus on specific skills for our RED and YELLOW/RED. Hope this helps!

    That basketball record is super impressive!!! Good luck!

    Hmmm...turquoise, peach and black...the colors you are going to use for next year's classroom??

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  4. I definitely saw your hometown team on ESPN the other morning. Our Sunday weekend show is always catching up on the sports news. My dad lives in North Carolina and gets really into Basketball, but for some reason us Floridians don't get into the March Madness and craziness like the rest of the nation. Glad I found you for the linky party!

    Whole Hearted Country