March 20, 2016

Sunday Scoop

Here is the scoop on my Sunday......

This past week was our spring break, and it was much needed!  The hubs and I traveled to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Market!  I need to do a post on my was a fun adventure. 

Please ignore my crazy hair......I blame it on the dang Texas wind!!
Anyway....being that it is Sunday, and the end of spring break,  I need to get laundry done and figure out my lesson plans for the week.  After-all, reality comes crashing back tomorrow!  I really need to pop up to school to plug back in all my stuff.  To save money our district has us unplug all things when we go on an extended break--it is a great idea and saves tons of money!  However.....I know come Monday morning I don't want to be waiting 20 minutes to bring all my electronics back to life!

I hope to do some research on how to start plants from seedlings.  My neighbors and I attended a veggie class yesterday and picked up a bunch of seeds.....and now we just need to get them started before transplanting them to the ground. I've seen some things on Pinterest....but I need to do some reading! I want to give these precious little seeds the best chance at survival.....

I'm happy to do some reading later today.  I am on the fourth book of the Lunar Chronicles.  They. Are. So. Good!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


March 11, 2016

Springing into Learning

Welcome spring!!  Why not celebrate warmer weather (and lets be real--how close spring break is) with a fun blog hop!

Recently my students had fun creating their own Spring Digraph Gardens!  We needed to bring a little sunshine and warm weather into our classroom, and we had just finished up studying digraphs-- so assembling these personal gardens were a no-brainier!

Your students can make their very own Spring Digraph Gardens too!  Click here to download this freebie, and follow the directions below!

Materials Needed:
       spring garden templates (click here to get the freebie)
       markers, crayons or colored pencils
       blue construction paper 12 x 18
       green construction paper 9 x 12 (for grass)
       digraph word list (for students that need help generating words)


1. With a dark marker or crayon, students will write a digraph (i.e. wh, th, ch, etc.) in the center of the butterfly and flowers.

2. With a dark maker or crayon, students will write words that contain the digraph they just wrote.  These words will go on the wings and petals of the flowers.
  •    Encourage students to think outside the box—two syllable words, digraphs at the end, etc.
3. Students will decorate their flowers and butterflies.

4. Students will cut out the completed flowers and butterflies.

5. Glue butterflies and flowers to a piece of blue 12 X 18 construction paper.

6. To make the “crinkly” grass, cut a 9 X 12 green paper in half.  Make vertical cuts  on each of the halves, but not all the way through the halves.

7. Crinkle the just-cut fringes with fingers to make grass look 3d.

8. Glue grass on top of flower stems on the blue 12 X 18 paper.

9. Allow glue to dry.

10. Hang the spring digraph gardens so all can see!!

I hope your kiddos have fun creating their gardens!  AND....the gardens don't have to be limited to digraphs--really the possibilities are endless.  You could do prefixes, suffixes, root words, story maps, math fact families, etc.

Don't forget to check out the other freebies and spring ideas!

March 3, 2016

Lucky to be a Teacher Giveaway

It is here!  The Lucky to be a Teacher giveaway is here!

Countless Smart Cookies, many other sellers and bloggers are celebrating why we are lucky to be teachers.  In this day in age it is very easy for teachers to focus on all of the negativity surrounding why not take a moment to focus on the positive!

I am lucky to be a teacher because I am able to see the impact I make on the lives of others. :) I love that I am able to see students grow and learn!

Why are you lucky to be a teacher?

To celebrate our luck, Countless Smart Cookies is hosting a giveaway.  Enter below for your chance to win!

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Best of luck!  Make sure you visit Countless Smart Cookies blog for more prize packs and more chances to win. :)