September 27, 2015

Free Meal--At Carlos O' Kelly's!

Are you hungry for a FREE meal?!?!

I know that I LOVE free food.....I don't care what it is....if it is FREE, I will eat it! 

Well.....okay, maybe not everything....but you get the idea.

Anyway, Carlos O' Kelly's is running a WONDERFUL promotion for educators all across the United States!  :)

From now until October 4th teachers get a free entree of their choice by simply presenting their school ID or badge.   

How great is that?!?!

I am not lying folks---it is a FOR REAL promotion!  I was skeptical, but my husband (who is also a teacher) and I went there on Friday night and ate for $2.58!  We got two meals, chips and salsa.....and full bellies for under $3!!!

Thank you Carlos O' Kelly's for being so giving and gracious to teachers! :)  

Click here to take you to the informational page on the promotion.  Click here to visit Carlos O' Kelly's facebook page....which also has details on this promotion.  

Happy FREE eating everyone! :)

September 13, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Here is the scoop on my week....

This week of school is full of meetings for me.  Most people dread meetings (probably for good reason) but I actually like going to them....well most of the time. 

This week I am in charge of facilitating our buildings data talks with PLC teams....which I love doing!  We have data talks three times a year after benchmark tests.  The first meeting usually goes pretty fast because we discuss baseline data and set goals.  The teams in my school are awesome and we have really great I get to show them some super corny data jokes and this bad boy:

I hope I am able to get TWO additional blog posts done this week...because I have TWO AWESOME ideas swimming around in my head.  One is about a nifty way to practice sight words....and the other is how to be an effective leader.  My pastor gave a talk in church today about leadership....and I want to share some of his was TOO GOOD not to share!

I will be happy to download the rest of my Hello Fonts from Hello Literacy by Jenn Jones. I got a new computer last weekend....because my other one crashed and I lost all of cute fonts.  So, I splurged and purchased Hello Literacy's font bundle...225 adorable fonts!  They are on sale now if you are interested....I highly recommend them.

Have a great Sunday everyone and thank you Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop linky party!