March 22, 2015

Giveaway from The Techie Teacher

Happy Sunday friends!

Just a quick little post to let you know about a giveaway happening over at The Techie Teacher's blog. :)

She is giving away a "mystery box" of teacher goodies.  How fun is that?!?  

If you have time......hop on over and enter and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

March 19, 2015

Teacher's Pet: Linky Party

Today I'm linking up with some great blogging buds for their Teacher's Pet Linky Party! :)

Its a pretty great party because you get to meet some furry friends that belong to some of your favorite bloggers!  AND....let's face it....who doesn't love looking at cute pics of furry little friends! :

Without further ado......I would like to introduce you to my furry friend.  Her name is Rudy Sue....and she is one. amazing. pooch! 

Now some of you may have read about Rudy in my Furry Therapist blog post.  You see.....Rudy and I applied for a grant back in September to fund therapy dog classes for her.  Lucky for us, the grant was funded!!  Thank you Valley Center Education Foundation!! 

Rudy and I have spent all winter in classes and training in order for her to become a certified dog therapist!  Below are some pics of her during her training, which started in November.  

She did so well in class and passed both tests (Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International) with flying colors!  Below is the obligatory "It's the last day of class and I passed my test" picture.  She's such a cutie!

Now my sweet baby pup gets to come to work with me each day!  Rudy and I still have more classes to take---next up is her Professional Therapy Dog license! :)

So, as you know, Rudy is my class pet! Well---more like---she is the whole school pet!  She is now apart of the Valley Center Intermediate School Family!

Rudy started coming to school about three weeks ago.  For the first week, Rudy stayed solely in my classroom. We wanted to give Rudy this week to become accustomed to the school and her new surroundings.  Before and after school we would practice walking the hallways--which gave her a chance to sniff around and really familiarize herself with the school!

Once her one week trial period was over---I started taking Rudy to every homeroom (all 16 of them--8 fifth and 8 sixth).

The point of taking her to homeroom classes was to introduce her to the kiddos, explain  the purpose of a dog therapist and provide some of the rules for Rudy.  I wanted the kids to know that in order for Rudy to be a part of our school family--they needed to help her be successful!  

The kids ATE UP my presentation....and are following all of the rules.  In fact they are going above and beyond to create the best possible environment for Rudy! 

Rudy is quite the celebrity at our school.  The kids ADORE her as much as she adores them!  She is a perfect therapy dog.....making kids happy when they are sad, helping them with their learning and even providing stress relief for staff! :)

I couldn't be more proud of Rudy......she is one amazing class school pet! :)

Here are some facts about Rudy Sue.....

1. She loves snow!!!

2. She also loves going for walks and swimming! :)
3. She is allergic to EVERYTHING--and only eats salmon and dried sweet potato. 
4. She is a Kansas State University and Kansas City Chiefs fan!
5. She is going to turn 6 years young on April 3rd.
6. We adopted her from the Kansas Humane Society, after animal control found her abandoned in a local park. 
7. By the end of her busy day---she is ready for a nap!

8.  She has a big HUGE heart and LOVES everyone!

That's pretty much Rudy in a nutshell! 

If you would like to follow Rudy....she has her own facebook, instagram and twitter!

Twitter: VCIS_Rudy
Instagram: VCIS_Rudy