March 24, 2013

Spring break is over......sad!

My oh my......I feel like the last week has been a whirlwind! I hate to describe it that way, because I wasn't even at was spring break! was still VERY busy.....therefore I had no time to blog! Sheesh....this is terrible....I am only on my fifth blog post and I am already coming up with excuses as to why I couldn't blog!! Goodness.....

So I guess I will get you all up to speed......two weeks ago our school had parent teacher conferences. From my standpoint the conferences went well. As the reading specialist in the school, I only participate in conferences when the teachers ask me to be there. Our school has an "open house policy" when it comes to conferences and teachers are available for four hours two nights. Parents just stop by when they can.....instead of having a set time slot. So, I am sort of on call....when a teacher needs me he/she can call down to my room and I am available. I maybe had two or three for the rest of the time I was in meetings and working with our other district reading specialists on a "reading progressions document." I promise to reveal it when I am finished with it....and I am really close!

Last week was spring break, and my family was able to take a much needed vacation to Tennessee to visit my sister! We had a great time....minus the long 10 hour drive it takes to get from Kansas to TN! We spent three days in Nashville and visited the Hermitage (home of Andrew Jackson), the Parthenon, Opry Mills....and even went zip lining! Fun, fun

One thing I meant to do over spring break (besides blog) was to make more products for my Teachers Pay Teachers store....which I didn't have time for! Ugh! However I did stumble upon a great website for free fonts!! Not only are the fonts free.... but you can search for "free commercial use fonts" under the font categories tab. All of the fonts that pop up under that search, you can use when you make products to sell!
Soooo.....for all of you TPT sellers....this is a great resource for fonts when you make TPT products! Make sure to search "free commercial use fonts."!!! We don't want any lawbreakers...

Well....spring break has come to an end.....and work awaits me tomorrow! We have 37 days of school left....and I hope my kids can continue to make great gains!!


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  1. So glad you had a great spring break. Thank you for the countdown. I was getting ready to do that myself, so you saved me the trouble. I'm sure your loyal fans understand not blogging during your vacation. You are AWESOME!