January 18, 2015

Sunday Scoop

I am assuming most teachers are loving this Sunday because they have tomorrow off!

Well.....not this lady!

Although we don't have students tomorrow---we have a day of inservice. :)  And we all know how teachers feel about inservice.........

Anywhoo...today I am linking up with Teaching Trio for her Sunday Scoop!

I have been pretty productive today (I mean its 60 degrees in January in Kansas!!!)  ....yet I still need to get several things accomplished.  I suppose I should finish the laundry---my coworkers probably want me showing up in clothes tomorrow.  I also need to practice Rudy's tricks!!  If you didn't know...my precious pup is going to be a therapy dog at my school.  Read about that here.  Lastly....I need to get myself motivated to work on extended frames for text structure.   I already have extended frames made for summarizing....now to get the text structure one done!

I hope to get the newspaper read.  I am a sucker for the Dear Abby column!  Come on guys......you know she gives legit advice.  

I am happy to purchase some Toms via the Ibotta app!  If you haven't heard of Ibotta...you must check it out!  Ibotta basically pays you to shop!  


  1. I am sorry you have to work tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be productive. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great week!


  2. Here's to hoping your inservice will be something useful (and you will have time to work in your classroom to boot!

    Technology Timeout

  3. Inservice tomorrow?! Sorry to hear that....but hopefully it'll be worthwhile. And I totally agree with Abby on that one! :)

    Happy Days in First Grade

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    1. Sorry about that! We lost power as I was posting! Got to love New England storms, lol! I hope your in service day goes well. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following you too!

    2. Ahh laundry- the bane of my existence. The tricky thing about laundry is, it's never really done. Love the "Dear Abby" clip......I always wanted a pet monkey too!