January 3, 2015

Paragraph Frames--Extended Version! (and a freebie)

I so excited to share my newest TPT product!  '

This little gem is called Extended Paragraph Frames.....and here it is in all it's glory! ha!

These Extended Paragraph Frames are actually a jazzed up version of one of my more popular products-- Paragraph Writing Frames (text structure edition) and Paragraph Writing Frames (summarizing edition),

If you haven't heard about paragraph frames (sometimes they are also referred to as framed paragraphs)...you are missing out! Allow me to explain......

Paragraph Frames are perfect to support students who have difficulty writing strong paragraphs.  Framed paragraphs guide students (in any subject) by providing them with a sentence outline and transitional phrases.  Students simply have to fill in the blanks with their own thoughts!!  There is a great little article on paragraph frames on Reading Rockets....check it out by clicking here.   Below is an example of what a writing frame would look like...

I highly recommend using paragraph frames for the struggling or beginning writer!  They are super simple to use and can go with any text in any subject area--simply print off a frame and have a student fill in the blanks.  Once the student has completed the frame, he or she can transfer the frame to a piece of notebook paper---and voila....a strong paragraph!!  I have my paragraph frames laminated and hanging in my room.....and kids just grab them when they are ready to write!

Recently I have started pushing my students to further develop their writing.  They have the basics down, but I wanted them to cite textual evidence, offer insight and provide details.  I knew what I wanted---yet my struggling babies still needed some support.  Then one day I had a buyer request for me to  make a "more advanced version" of my frameser!!

And that little suggestion solved all my problems......I an push my students and make a happy buyer! GENIUS!  I have experienced so much success with basic paragraph frames---so I knew this would work!  Thus the Extended Paragraph Frames were born!

Click here to download an extended paragraph frame freebie! (or click picture!)

Just in case you were wondering how extended paragraph frames are different than regular paragraph frames......well....here ya go!

Extended paragraph frames will:
  • lengthen students sentences
  • demonstrate how to cite textual evidence
  • provide students with a way to be more descriptive
  • encourage students to ad their own insight, understanding and opinions
I hope you all enjoy the freebie....and happy writing!

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