January 19, 2015

Freebie Linky Party

Well, in case you were worried,  I survived my inservice......

Scratch that.

I BARELY survived today's inservice.

It's not that teacher inservice is terrible---I mean I actually learn quite a bit.  The part that is terrible is the feeling you have after the training day is over.

I literally cannot shut down my  brain. I just keep thinking, reflecting, thinking, reflecting and thinking!  There are so many ideas I want to try.  I have so much to share with colleagues.  I have so much to teach my students.....

So I choose to binge eat chocolate and Twizzlers.  That's how I am dealing. Ha!

Anywhoo......today I am linking up with StudentSavy for her linky party!  StudentSavy's party is all about freebies---so visit her blog and snatch up lots of great resources!

The freebie I am providing is my Vocabulary Rock & Roll page!  It is perfect way for students to review previously taught academic terms!  This resource can be used as an individual, collaborative or whole class assignment--all you need is paper, dice and academic language!


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