January 1, 2015

Currently---Welcome to 2015!

I hope all of my readers had an amazing end to 2014!

I was pretty lame---stayed home and watched the ball drop while sitting on the couch in my sweatpants.  I watched NBC's coverage of New Year's Eve with Carson Daly....and...I gotta say....I felt bad for Carson.  Could his co-hosts be any more out of control?  Yeesh.......did anyone watch it?  Does anyone share my opinion???

Today I am joining Farley's party!  Below is my currently for January 2015! :)

Listening---Much like Farley I am addicted to the Today Show!  We record it while we are at school---and watch it when we get home.  Break has been nice because I get to watch it live! :)

Loving--I am so enjoying Christmas Break! Most of the break has consisted of lazy days (aka laying on the couch and watching TV) and reconnecting with friends.  It is difficult when you get in the routine of working to make time for friends.....so this week I have caught up with some long lost pals---and it has been great!

Thinking--What's for dinner?  My husband has been in Tulsa, OK this week.....so I have been cooking for one---just me!  Cooking for one, typically means I am "winging it."  I have had cereal, popcorn and forgotten to eat many times this week.  Ha!

Wanting--as mentioned above, I have had many lazy days!  I need to get my rear in gear and work on school/home/TPT stuff!  I am taking a great first step by doing a blog post......

Needing--FAMILY TIME!  I am desperate need of family time!  My husband is away---and its killing me!  I miss him so much!  I also really miss my sister in PA!!  My sis, Joanna, usually comes back to Kansas for break, but this year she was too busy.  I won't get to see her until June.....waaaaahhhh!!

Yes, Maybe, I Wish-  Yes to using 2015 to create a "better me."  Dang it I am going to actually do some of the things I pinned!!  I want to cook better, exercise more, develop a craft/skill, read, grow relationships.....I just want to be a better me!!

Maybe to achieving my dreams.  I would elaborate what my dreams are......but I kinda want to keep them to myself and then reveal them when I reach them!

I wish for an amazing 2015.  I am not going to lie--2014 was a difficult year for my family!  We had some personal and financial issues that we dealt with---so here's to hoping 2015 is a GREAT year!


  1. Hi there! I stayed home for NYE also, just me, hubby and 2 of the 3 kids. I didn't watch Carson -- we watched Ryan Seacrest only from 11:30-12 though. I have been really lazy this break also and it was totally awesome. Something I usually don't get time to do much of at all.

    1. Sounds like teachers all across the United States are having the same kind of winter break......a lazy one! It is pretty nice to decompress though!

  2. Today Show is the BEST! I have a "desk job" now at the county office and love catching a few minutes here and there of it. I have been super lazy this break!!! More so than normal so Monday is going to def be a 2-3 cups of coffee kind of day!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Meghan! Today Show is SO GREAT! I love all parts of it! I hope you successfully get through Monday!

  3. We had a low-key New Years too! We didn't watch the broadcast with Carson, we watched the one with Ryan Seacrest (who had way too much makeup on) like Raye, I feel you with the "eating whatever" thing when you're the only one home. My husband works nights and sleeps most of the day, so I've been eating a lot of cereal for lunch! I hope 2015 brings you infinite joy!

    Kindergarten Kraziness

    1. Haha Rachel.....now I wished I would have flipped channels to see Ryan's over-painted face! Instead I stayed with the drunken train wreck on NBC......sigh! I hope 2015 is a great year for you too!


  4. I have been enjoying Christmas break too! It has been great to be off and spend all this time with family. We go back tomorrow, so it is almost over. :( Have a great week!
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