December 8, 2013

Syllable Spelling Part 2

Earlier this year I posted an **amazing** strategy I use in my classroom called syllable spelling.  To read the old blog post click here.  The older post will give you more information on how to specifically implement the strategy into you classroom...and you can click here, which will take you to my TPT store where you can download the resources for free. :)  Who doesn't love a good freebie!

Anyway....I am going to piggy back off of that ol' blog post and provide you all with an additional spelling resource/idea that my kiddos LOVE!  It is called Spin, Say and Write, and it is a big hit in my classroom!!

This game is played after we have already laid the foundation on how to spell our words (aka written our spelling words the syllable spelling way).  Spin, Say, Write is merely a tool I use to get students to practice their words (and consequently decoding, English patterns, etc.)

Here is how you play Spin, Say, Write (again--this is done AFTER the students have learned our words)

1. Spin, Say, Write Spinner
2. Spin, Say, Write game mat
3. 2 different colored pens, markers, etc.
4. Paperclip

1. Have students select 8 of their words to correctly write on the Spin, Say, Write Spinner
         **I laminate my Spinner template so I can reuse it over and over!**
2. Have students write the 8 words they wrote on their spinner on top of the 8 columns on their Spin, Say, Write game mat
3. Partner students up
4.  Player 1 spins the spinner (made with a paperclip and pencil in the center to form a spinner)
5. Player 1 reads the word aloud.
6. Player 1 uses one color pen, marker, etc.....and writes the word he/she landed on on the game mat under the correct word heading.
7. Player 2 spins the spinner.
8.  Player 2 says the word he/she landed on .
9. Player 2 records (in the other color pen/marker) the word he/she landed on, on the game mat under the correct word heading.
10.  Play continues until Player 1 or 2 has four words in a row
**If a student lands on a word and there is no space on the game mat to write the word--he/she loses his/her turn.

Here is a game mat my kids used the other day.  On this mat you are able to see the two colors used for each player and the 8 words written on the top columns.  My kiddos were working on the "Bossy E" pattern--so that is what our spelling words focused on.  Also, I have students check with me before I declare a winner.  I want to make sure the 4 words in a row are spelled correctly.  If they are....then I highlight the winner's words!!    

This game is a HUGE hit with my kiddos and it has very little prep for the teacher!! Click the picture below, and it will take you to my TPT store where you can download this free resource!

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