October 9, 2013

Syllable Spelling---This free resource will change your life!! :)

Wow....so MTSS Symposium was sooooooo long  ago!  Time flies when you are having fun (or maybe just really busy?!?!)....

Anyway, I promised I would blog about several of the sessions I attended.  I mean, I couldn't just not share---the information.  It is too great not to be shared with the world (or maybe the select few who read my blog).

One of the first sessions I attended was presented by Dr. Deb Glaser.  Dr Glaser is a leading researcher in reading instruction and has published a variety of books on various reading and instructional topics.  Her session was titled Reading Routines for Grades 2-4.  She provided our group with tips and tricks on small group lesson formats, spelling routines and fluency practice. 

The topic that most hit home with me were her spelling routines. I have always wanted to incorporate some sort of spelling practice into my small group lessons...but couldn't find a strategy I liked best .  I am so glad I attended this session, because Dr. Glaser was able to connect spelling to my idea of a whole reader.  :)
If you get a chance you should hop over to Dr. Glasers's website.  There she has some great links and information.

Here is her fabulous weekly spelling routine:

Day 1--Syllable Spelling--I LOVE THIS!!

    • Step 1--say the multi-syllable word to students in syllable chunks.  As you are saying the chunked word, students will place dots in the bottom of the boxes for each syllable they hear.  Example: "re....main.....der"
    • Step 2--Say the multi-syllable word again.  Students will attempt to spell each syllable.  The syllable should be placed above the dot they drew in step one. 
    • Step 3--Check and correct the syllables with students.
    • Step 4--write the whole word "squished together" in the grey box.
    • Step 5--Teach and define meaningful prefixes, suffixes and roots
    An example of a completed syllable spelling page.  
Day 2
    • Cut out the words written in the grey section of the paper and practice saying the words
    • Use the words in a meaningful sentence. 
    • Place the cut up words in a plastic bag, and put in a safe place

Day 3
  • Partner students up.
  • Use two sets of words and play a concentration game
Day 4
  • Students lay words out in front of them
  • Teachers give students a clue to describe a particular word
    • Example: this word has a prefix, this word means...., this word's synonym is....
  • Students must locate the word and correctly say the word
Day 5
  • Students practice writing the words.
    • Use marker boards and do this whole class
    • Pair students up and have them quiz one another

The second I got back from MTSS Symposium I started this spelling routine with my tier 3 students.  I love how this strategy reinforces decoding techniques and provides students with a strategy on how to spell difficult words.

If you are interested in the syllable spelling page or some example lists of multi-syllabic words--- click the picture below which will take you to my TPT store.  At my TPT store, you can get this resource for free!  You should totally take advantage of this---it will seriously change your life!


  1. You are right...this is amazing! Thank you for these resources.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Jennifer,

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out this spelling resource! AND--thanks for the kind words!! I hope you get some great use out of these babies---I know I have seen some awesome growth in my kiddos.