October 21, 2013

Match Hunt--A quick, easy and engaging way to review any topic!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today (for me) begins one of the longest weeks in a teacher's life!

Yep---you guessed it--conference week!!!!

Now lets get real....when it comes to conference week--you have to plan things that are:

1. Easy to manage
2. Require little grading
3. Engaging for the students
4. QUICK to plan and to put together

Here is an idea that is all of those things!!  All you need---literally--is a stack of note cards, your brain and a pencil.

Using your fabulous teacher brain--come up with a topic that could be great for review.  It could be math (fractions, long division, multiplication, decimals, etc.) or reading (fact and opinions, cause and effect, prefixes, suffixes and roots) or even social studies (states and capitals, historical figures, etc).

Once you have your topic in mind; come up with review questions and their answers.

Split the deck of cards in half.  On the first half of the cards--write the question.  On the second half of the cards---write the answer.

For example: This week my 6th grade math group is reviewing the process of changing improper fractions to mixed numbers, and mixed numbers to improper fractions.  So---I came up with a bunch of improper fractions and their matching mixed number.

Once you have the stack of cards filled out with your review questions and their corresponding answer--all you have to do is play the Match Hunt Game!!  

Take the filled out cards and spread them ALL OVER your classroom in plain sight, with questions and answers face down.

When you say "Go," all students will walk around the room looking for matches.  They simply pick up one card and hunt around the room for the matching question or answer.  

When they think they have a match--they come to you to verify!  If they have a match---they get a point, and they start the hunt again until all cards have been matched up.  

Seriously this game is so easy and the kids love it!!!  It's perfect for conference week!!

And now for a shameless plug.....I finished another group of interactive notebook pages. This particular group includes some awesome foldables for making inferences.   Check them out if interested!

Have a great week!!



  1. What a great idea for any time! It gets kids up and moving, and sometimes that's just what they need. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Marion....I am so glad you like it! If you use it---I hope it works well in your room. My kiddos love it!