May 28, 2013

One Breath Boxes

Well it has happened.....I have started to lose track of the days.  This can mean one of two things.  One, I am losing my mind.  Or two....summer break has settled in!  I am going to go with option seems like the better option! :)

It has been a full two weeks since my school released for summer break---and I have spent that two weeks taking a much deserved mental vacation! I got back to the grind and started working on some resources for next school year.

Most of the students that come to me are in need of fluency practice--lucky for me there are tons of resources out there to help them with just that!  The newest resource I have found is called "One Breath Boxes."  Maybe this isn't a new thing---maybe I just now finally discovered it!  Nonetheless.....the resource is great and the kids have fun practicing their fluency this way!

Basically, you hand each student a copy and have them take a BIG, DEEP breath!  When you say, "Go," students try to read all of the words in the first box without taking a breath.  The first box has the least amount of words---so typically the students read the first box with quite a bit of ease.  This is great because it gives them a confidence boost to finish the rest of the activity!!

Next, your kiddos take another BIG, DEEP breath and read all of the words in box two.  Each box after the first gradually gets larger (and harder) as more words are added into the box.  Then, have students take another BIG, DEEP breath and read all of the words in box three.   Students keep doing this same process until they have each box read.  As an extra challenge, once all of the boxes are read, I have students try and read ALL of the boxes in one breath.

I found a wonderful FREE resource on TPT from sellers Cathy and Wes Rethman, who made one breath boxes for blends.  Click on the picture below, which will take you to their TPT store for this fabulous seven page resource!!!   

I also (just finished today!!) made one breath boxes for Fry's Instant Sight Words.  Click the link below and it will take you to my TPT store. :)  It isn't free though...sorry guys! :)  


  1. This is such a fun idea! I might need this pack!

    Ms. Smith

    1. Awww thanks! I feel guilty about my (shameless) plug for a product....but one breath boxes are amazing! There are a ton of free resources out there just have to look :)


  2. Good for you taking two full weeks off-I need to copy you! :O) Don't feel guilty, you should be proud of your hard work!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching