May 7, 2013

Ready For Summer Reading Challenge--Freebie!!!

Not sure how you all are feeling....but my kids are excited to be at school checked out!  You see....we only have 7 days of school left and the kids already think it is summer break.  On the flip side---when I think of having 7 days left of school---I immediately think how much more can I cram in their little heads?!?!   I still have time to instruct and improve their reading....but in order to get actual results...I have to be super creative about it!!

So, I came up with "Ready for Summer Reading Challenge."  The students have 5 days to complete various reading challenges (that yours truly came up with).  If they complete the challenges within the five day limit---they get reward parties!  I thought this plan was genius!  For one, they have some friendly competition (which my kiddos love), two-- they get to have a party and three----they are completing "challenges" to make them better readers without even knowing it!  Can you say "Win-win!!"

Yesterday I handed my kids the double sided paper that explains the challenge.  Page one explains the directions---that all challenges have to be completed by a certain date, can be done in any order and on the same day.   Page one is below:

The backside of the page shows the six challenges my kiddos need to complete.       
I catered the challenges to the needs in my room, but the tasks would be easy to change for whatever needs you have in your own classroom.  For my challenges I wanted kids to get extra practice in fluency, decoding, and comprehension....thus I came up with the following "challenges."
1. Master level 500 Fry Phrases (great way to improve fluency!!)
2. Master Level 600 Fry Phrases
3. Read an informational article three times (out loud) and time yourself.  Try to beat your previous time by increasing your reading speed. (still practicing fluency)
4. Read an informational article and highlight the difficult words, write them down and break them into syllables. (this practices a decoding strategy we had been working on all year)

5. Read a book on Reading A to Z and take a comprehension quiz.  (working on comprehension at students reading level)
6. Take end of the year test with Mrs. Orr (this is for me---to see how much they have grown throughout the year)
The kids LOVE the challenge...and so do I!  They are working their little tails off and I know they are getting great reading practice and I am finishing my assessments!! Like I said---I catered this challenge to the needs in my room---but it could easily be adapted to your needs.  Click here to grab this FREE resource from my TPT!! 
I hope you enjoy!!


  1. I'm SO jealous that you're thisclose to being done! We're at 23 days left (haven't even started state testing - that's later in the week). Anyway, I just found you through I'm Lovin' Lit's giveaway and wanted to say I'm your newest follower!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

    1. Melissa....thanks for following my blog! I will hop on over to yours and follow you too! 23 days....yikes! Best of luck!! :)