June 5, 2013

Giveaway x 2

I am excited to announce two giveaways that you all should enter!!  Who doesn't love winning something?!?!

The first one is sponsored by Teacher Gems.  This fabulous educator decided she would host a giveaway in honor of turning 30....and she has some fabulous prizes she is giving away.  One prize is  for grades k-3, the second is for grades 4-8, and a third prize for TPT sellers.  Teacher Gem's has got it all in this giveaway.  The entries start TODAY and go until June 9th.  Winner will be announced June 10th!  Click the picture below to take you to her blog, where you can enter. :)

The second giveaway is sponsored by my fellow blogger Second Grade Stories.  She is celebrating 100 followers for her TPT store, and is offering up some super prizes!!  Her prizes are bundled in a K-1, 2-4, and clipart and graphics.  Her giveaway also goes until June 9th---so don't wait...go enter now!  Click the picture below to take you to her blog, where you can enter.

If you don't enter....you can't win....so get click happy and hop on over to these great blogs for your chance to win it all!  If your are really lucky, you may win both!



  1. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for the 411 on these two great giveaways!! I am your newest follower.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

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  3. Great! thanks for the info! will enter!

  4. Oops, guess I missed it - oh well....