June 15, 2013

Collaborative Groups Freebie

Happy weekend Y'all!!  I hope everyone made it through the week stress free :)  In light of it being the weekend, I thought I share a recent freebie (App Friends) I posted on TPT!  Click on the picture below to take you to TPT where you can get this fabulous free way to collaboratively group your students.

As we all know, that studies have shown that allowing students to work in collaborative groups has many positive benefits. Some of these benefits are teaching students how to cooperate, increasing academic gains and encouraging a family dynamic in your classroom.
There are two purposes to selecting students in collaborative groups--- intentional or unintentional selecting.  Intentional grouping usually involves looking at data (reading level, formative tests, exit slips, etc).  Unintentional grouping usually happens when you need students to quickly pair up to review a study guide, work on a project, share journal writing, etc.

I often found myself saying “Pick a partner,” and kids inevitably chose the same person (their best friend), and then there would always be the kids that no one picked.  My heart breaks for those kids.  :(  I couldn't take it any longer, and I knew I needed to find other quick ways to pair students up---and I knew they had to be fast and easily organized. Sooooo…..I came up with App Friends.  Click the picture below to download it for free on TPT!!!

If you are looking for other ways to collaboratively group students check out my Collaborative Groups Mega Pack!

This pack has over 30 unique ways to pair (and group) your students…..so you never have to say “Pick a partner,” again!

The 30 ways include:
Speed Dialers
Clock Pals
App Friends
Color Buddies
Regions (dual purpose---students are working in groups but also reviewing regions of the US!)
Famous Couples
Odd/Even Numbers
Colors (in Spanish---great exposure for dual-language!)
And many, many more!!!