May 15, 2016

Reading Challenge---FREEBIE (perfect for the end of the school year)

Are you looking for a fun activity for your students to do in the last few weeks of school?

How about something that is easy to manage, adaptable and engaging for kids?

If your answer isn't yes....then you are crazy!

Do you want to know what it is???  Well, it is called the Reading Challenge--- Ice Cream style, and you can download it for free at my TPT store by clicking here!!

By the end of the year, my kids need something different to keep them engaged during the last weeks of school.  I usually have wrapped up the introduction of new skills, yet am still wanting my students to practice what they have learned, their fluency and various reading strategies.  So, on the last week of school I introduce my students to the reading challenge--ice cream style!

Students have an entire week to work on the challenge.  I simply design various reading tasks I want students to complete and what a student can earn by accomplishing it.  Each task gives them the opportunity to earn a spoon, bowl, banana, ice cream scoops and toppings.

On the first day, I explain the challenge to my students, and answer all of their questions (they usually have LOTS).  I explain they have the whole week to get as much done as they can and want.  If a student wants to only earn ice cream, and no toppings--that is their choice.  If a student doesn't like bananas--fine, don't work toward the banana.  This challenge is student choice--they can decide where to start and what they want to earn.  Most all of my kids go for the WHOLE BANANA SPLIT!

 Then, in a central location,  I set out all of the materials needed to complete the tasks.

Students are able to get what they need (if it is available) when they want to complete the task.  If something isn't available, students are instructed to pick another activity---but I make sure to have plenty of copies and a variety of choices!

In order to keep it organized I tell students that once they have completed a task, I must see the work and initial their sheet right away.  This gives me the opportunity to grade their work quickly and stay organized.  By highlighting and initialing what students have completed, the students know what they have earned and it motivates them to keep working!

Then---on the last day of school---we party!  I collect all of the students sheets and doll out the ice cream and toppings they have earned.  As we are eating ice cream, we listen to music and play games.  Its is loads of fun!!

In the freebie I have included a blank form--which enables you to come up with your own tasks.

I have also included a list of ideas you can use for reading tasks.  Obviously this isn't an all-inclusive list...but sometimes it is nice to have some alternate ideas to spur on thinking!

I hope you enjoy the freebie, and happy end of the school year!

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