May 2, 2016

Free Food....and a TPT Sale!!

Just here to spread some good news....

First..... tomorrow teachers, paras, support staff (basically anyone who works in a school)  ALL across America can snag some free food from Chipotle!  Simply bring your school ID into ANY Chipotle and receive BOGO (buy one get one free) burritos, burrito bowls, salads or order of tacos.  If you want more details, click here to read about it!

Second....If you are a teacher in Kansas you can receive a free McDonald's breakfast extra value meal! Just like with Chipotle....all you have to do is bring in your school ID to receive your free meal.  Please check the not all McDonald's are participating!
Basically I am going to be STUFFED on Tuesday....but my belly (and my wallet) will be happy!

Now for my third bit of good news.....TPT is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale!!

Most sellers (including me) will be offering 20% off of their products, and then TPT throws in an additional 8% when you use code CELEBRATE at check out!

All of my products will be on sale...but you will really want to check out the latest product I just uploaded: End of the Year Student Awards Soda Style!  I is getting close to the end of the year and teachers need to start thinking about last day festivities!

On the last day of the year, I always give each student an award.  For the past few years I have given out candy awards, which you can see by clicking here, but this year I wanted to do something different.  So, I made the following awards which are all drink themed! Fun, right?

These soda pop awards come include two options--large certificates (full page) and smaller tags that you could hole punch and attach to the drinks (quarter page). Check them out by clicking here!

The awards included are:


  • 3 crushed it awards (academics, sports and fine arts)
  • Looking up to you award
  • Looking up award
  • Uplifting award
  • Fantastic award
  • Biggest fan award
Root Beer
  • Rooting award
  • Rootin-Tootin good year award
  • AWesome year award
Mountain Dew
  • Dewing it all award
  • Reached the mountain award
  • Kool cat award
Soda (any type)
  • Soda bomb award
  • Sunshine award
  • Sunny award
Dr. Pepper or Pepsi
  • Pep in your step award
  • Pep up the class award
Dr. Pepper
  • Doctor award
  • Tea-rific award
Cream Soda
  • Cream of the crop award
  • Powered up award
  • Power up to change award
  • Propel it forward award
Happy eating and shopping!