April 3, 2013

Website Wednesday

Where is spring?  Here in Kansas, we have had three days of cold, rain, sleet and snowflakes!  I probably shouldn't complain---I can't go outside and enjoy the weather anyway.  Instead I get to enjoy the bright fluorescent lights of my classroom. :)  hehehehe...

The website I want to showcase today is called Kerpoof. :) 

It is a great website, and I used it a lot when I taught fourth grade---as the kids really seemed to enjoy it.  I haven't used it as an interventionist, but only because I have such little time with my struggling readers.
Some of the features of the website are:
  •  Free lesson plans for a variety of disciplines, from math and science to social studies and foreign languages.
  • Free teacher accounts where you can register your students and assign them in specific classes.
  • A class message board
  • Student chat
  • Kerpoof lessons and activities have been cross referenced with national and state standards
  • Variety of games
  • Students can create art, movies, stories, pictures, etc
I hope you have time to explore it!


  1. I love learning about new websites! Have never heard of this one! Can't wait to check it out. Is it kind of like scootpad?

  2. Deirdre,
    I have never heard of scootpad.....I will have to check that one out!! Just like you, I love learning about new websites. I wish there was a good decoding webstie for upper grades. I am still on the hunt for that one....

  3. I like the sound of this website! Thanks for sharing it.