April 14, 2013

The many hats of a teacher....

I had a very productive weekend.....I love weekends like that!

My fellow teacher friends and I finished our tutu's for our 5k run on May 4th.  I think they look pretty cute! We are running in the Color Run.....so you start out in all white and then get sprayed with "color bombs" throughout the race.  Should be fun....I think?!?!
I also got some cleaning done.  Yes!  I love me a clean house :)
Last, but not least my husband and I worked on meals for a student at our school.  Her mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer and the two of them are weathering the storm that this horrific disease brings.  Our PE teacher, who is one of the most compassionate and generous individuals I know, organized meal donations for their family.  She asked the staff at our school for volunteers who would be willing to donate meals---and the faculty came through (no surprise there---our faculty is amazing and very caring).  This student's family will be delivered meals until the end of the school year!  I know having pre-made meals will be a small relief to the family that is dealing with so much.
As the hubs and I were making the meals, I was thinking just how many hats teachers take on.

It would be difficult to rank the importance of  the "teacher hats" as each one carries its own weight and importance in a child's life....but knowing that you helped a child in need (whether that need be big or small) is a great feeling!
Have a great end of the weekend!


  1. Katie,
    I can list even more hats! Cancer is a terrrible thing. I HATE it! I've had students in my class before who have lost a parent to cancer and it just makes me hug my own kids even more. I couldn't imagine them having to grow up without one of us. That is so sweet of your school to support her. I am sure her family is so grateful to have such caring teachers! You guys rock! And I am impressed that your husband helped! Woo woo!

    1. Pam-

      I can't even imagine losing someone to cancer...and for it to be your parent when you are in school. Gosh, it just makes my heart ache! I just keep praying for a cure!! :)

  2. Hi! What a wonderful blog! I am your newest follower! I can't wait to see great things from your blog :)

    Bergin's Classroom

    1. Colleen,

      Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! :) I hope you like what you read! :)