April 12, 2013

Five for Friday

I have decided to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching blog for this Friday's post.  With this linky party you tell five things that happened this week.  I can do that!  Easy peesy...

1. I stayed home sick today.  I hate not going to school---I always feel so gosh darn guilty.  :(  I had a horrendous stomach ache last evening and stayed up most of the night, so I thought it would be best to stay home.  I am glad I did---because I am feeling much better now.

2. Tomorrow I am participating in a tutu making party with my fellow teacher friends. No---we don't wear tutu's on a regular basis (although I secretly wish we did....I LOVE tutus!!!) We are making them for a 5k run on May 4th.  I will post pics of what it looks like when I am done!.

3.  I was selected by Rachel Lynette at Minds in Bloom to be a guest blogger!  I am so flipping excited!!!! My guest blog post will be about classroom DIY.  This summer I plan to make my classroom "cute" with a bunch of pinterest projects I have discovered.  AHHHHHH can't wait!!!

4. I am currently watching America's Sweethearts.  I was floored when I saw it was made in 2001---that's 12 years ago! Makes me feel old!  Even if it is an oldie---its a goodie!  I mean who doesn't love Julia Roberts?!?! 
5. I plan on spring cleaning this weekend.  Cleaning my closets, putting away winter clothes, deep cleaning the house, scrubbing the dog, getting out spring decorations, etc.....  I am sure my husband will be thrilled, after all he **gets** to help me.  Lucky him!
Happy weekend!


  1. Can't wait to read about your classroom DIY projects!!

    1. I hope they all turn out! I have a lot of great ideas in my head...lets hope they turn out!

  2. I've been bitten by the classroom DIY bug...can't wait to see what you share!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

    1. I love DIY projects...and there are so many great ideas on Pinterest!

  3. I want to run in a 5k someday! I think I'm scared. Sounds so much fun though.
    Congratulations for being a guest blogger! How exciting is that?!?

    I'm your newest follower. Off to explore your blog some more!
    Bouncing through 3rd grade

    1. It is sooooo exciting....but scary because I want to do a good job! Girrrrrrlllll....if I can do 5k...anyone can! I am not a runner, (in fact people can probably walk faster then I run) but I was able to do it! You can.....trust me!