October 29, 2016

Notebook Paper--the best Halloween costume for teachers!

So in case you don't know Halloween is on Monday.....

I am sure your kids haven't been talking non-stop about it......

I am sure you aren't dreading the calm and quiet classroom party......

Well, if you are like me you plan your Halloween costume last minute (like 8pm the night before.)

So...since I usually have procrastinated, I have to come up with something easy and quick (and preferably cheap).  This year one of my teacher friends gave me the great idea of being a piece of notebook paper.   Ummmmm...yes....genius!

 I must say it was a big hit with the kids.....although some of them thought I was a flag (**cough, cough** Kindergartners **cough, cough**).  Some also thought I was homework....which is closer than a flag, ha!

Besides being a big hit.... the Notebook Paper costume was cheap ($3.99 people, and sharpies from my school!!!), quick to make (under thirty minutes) and easy!

Here is what you need:

  • Large white t-shirt
  • ruler
  • red sharpie
  • blue sharpie
  • black sharpie
  • flat surface 
  • paper towels (to put inside the shirt, so the sharpies won't bleed through)
Pictured are all the supplies you will need for making the Notebook Paper costume!

Here's how you do it: 
  • Lay shirt flat on a hard surface
  • Place paper towels inside the shirt (prevents sharpies from bleeding onto the other side)
  • Use the red sharpie, and draw a line down the left side of the shirt (shoulder tip to bottom)
  • Using the blue Sharpie make dots (spaced 2 inches apart) down the shirt on both sides. 
First draw your red line, and then add blue dots spaced 2 inches apart.
  • Next. connect the blue dots using a ruler.  Make sure you don't draw over the red line!!
Connect the blue dots with the blue sharpie creating straight lines.
  • Finally, add your name to the upper right hand corner.
  • and VOILA--you are done! 

I mean how cute is that?  How easy is that....and how cheap is that??

I paired my Notebook Paper costume with black leggings (hi...there comfort!) and tennis shoes.  You could easily wear it with jeans, or even sweats! :)

Here is to hoping you have a VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and that you survive your classroom parties! :)

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