June 21, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

It is time for Show and Tell Tuesday for the month of June! :)  I am linking up with Forever in Fifth Grade to share four pictures of what is going on in my little corner of the world. :)

This past Friday, my husband and I made a quick trip up to Kansas City to see the Boys in Blue.

It is always a fun time at The K, especially when the Royals get a win!  I was able to see two home runs and the boys win! :)  Prior to the game starting we watched the Big Slick celebrity softball game which raises money for Children's Mercy, a local children's hospital.  There was an all-star cast including Rob Riggle, Paul Rud, Eric Stonestreet, James Marsden, Jason Sudeikis and many others.  

The picture isn't the greatest.....but that is all the Big Slick participants for a group photo at the end of their game.  The celebrities raised a record setting 1.3 million dollars for Children's Mercy!  Yay!  If you want to donate click here.

At the start of the summer some friends of ours invited us to their farm to see their baby goats that were just born.  In fact the mama goat had just had triplets....on my birthday! :)

They were so cute!!!  I tried to convince my husband to let me bring one home....but no dice. :(

I am a big fan of antiques and gardening....so when you can combine the two....IT IS HEAVEN!  My husband and I try to find rustic/antique looking pots, tins, buckets, etc......and then we use them as planters.  Check out the little beauties we found antiquing this year....

 Above is an old calf bucket that was used for feeding baby calves.  We loved it because it had a hanger in the back which allowed us to hang it from a tree branch ladder my husband made a few years back.

Pictured below is a rusty bucket sitting on top of an old stool, and then two antique oil cans with their corner cut out.

You can almost always find galvanized tubs at antique stores....and they make great homes for plants.  You just have to make sure to drill holes in the bottom for proper drainage.  We also fill our planters with about a fourth of lava rock and then good, rich soil. The lava rock helps fill the planter and assist with drainage. 

I was **ecstatic** when I found these little numbers.  They are cut form old license plates and then bent so they can hang.  Aren't they ADORABLE! 

Last but not least....... my latest TPT product.  Slap Words  is a fun and engaging game that reviews various phonics skills with students.  This particular game focuses on CVCe words--nonsense and real words.

Basically the game comes with a cards that you can cut and laminate.  When you want to play the game you lay the cards out on a table face up.  The "caller" reads a word and the first student to slap the word called keeps the word.  Students can slap with their hand or a fly swatter!

Kids love the game.....set up is simple.....and it can be played at a center!  Great game!!


  1. Using a fly swatter always keeps things lively! Those goats are so cute. Thanks for sharing a sneak peek of your summer! This is a fun linky.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. It is a super fun linky! Those goats were SO PRECIOUS!! I am hoping over to your blog now; thanks for stopping by!