June 29, 2015

Monday Made It: Doggy Ice Cream

Hi friends....happy Monday to everyone out there!

Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for their weekly linky: Monday Made It!

Over the weekend  I made Rudy a special homemade treat!

You see...... in Kansas the summer heat is awful.  Horrible. Stifling.  

It is like opening an oven door hot!

This heat makes me feel bad for my precious pooch, Rudy.   

I don't know why I feel so bad for her....because 99.9% of the time she is like this.....

Sitting in the air conditioning **peeking** out at the hot, hot, HOT summer day!  Or perhaps she is just SUPER smart and has figured out a way to get a tan and not be in the heat! 

Anyway.....I wanted to make Rudy a tasty treat to cool her down on these hot summer days....so I researched some doggy ice cream recipes and found a GREAT one!

Isn't this a cute little doggy clip art piece...I got it for free @ Brad Fitzpatrick's TPT store!

Three ingredients....that's it! Throw them all together in  a blender and then freeze.  This recipe was super simple to make---and super cheap!

The best part is....Rudy loved it (see below). 

Hope you all stay cool out there (and your pups too!)


  1. Love this idea! It has been so hot where we live that it would be a welcome treat!!

    1. You should try it Cindy! I guarantee your pups will love it....and it's really easy to make!

  2. Rudy is really lucky to have a mom who will make her special ice cream! I'm sure my Fletch and Emmitt would love it too. One of their favorite summer treats is getting the last little bites off of a piece of watermelon!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. Haha thanks Stephanie! Fletch and Emmitt are such adorable names for pups! It sounds like they have a pretty great dog mom too!