June 9, 2015


Guys......it happened!

TPT featured me on their Facebook page!!!!

You should see how big my smile is right now! Like.....my cheeks hurt!

I'm sure my face probably looks something like this......(if I was a dog)

Or something like this....... (if I was a donkey)

This all came to be when a lovely lady who works for TPT, Tayla, emailed me at the end of of May and told me I had reached a TPT milestone!  Whoop Whoop!

The email and milestone achieveent was great, in iteself.....but then Tayla proceeded to say I would have a freebie featured on the TPT facebook page.



I reached a milestone......AND I get to be on TPT's facebook!?!

Gosh I LOVE TPT!!!!

So I completed a survey and picked a freebie item I wanted to be featured .....and the rest is history!

Thank you TPT!!

The freebie I chose to use are my 3,2,1 reading exit slips!!

You can read about the exit slips here .

OR......you can download them here.

Have a great night everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! Reaching a milestone is an amazing accomplishment and then you got the recognition to go with it!! You deserve to celebrate!
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