May 17, 2015

Sailing Into Summer Blog Hop

Hi Friends!!

Thanks for hopping over to my blog!   I love blog hops because you get to meet so many new bloggers and pick up some awesome tips and tricks!

The topic of this particular blog hop is, "Sailing into Summer!"

SUMMER.....AHHH!  I can't wait!!

BUT...before I can utter the words "School's Out"....I like to reflect on my year and think what I did right, and what I need to improve upon. :)

One of the areas that worked well for me this year was organization in terms of student data.  You see....I have a TON of student data!  In order to keep all of this data straight (and easy to grab to take to a meeting), I like to work with a one notebook system--The Data Notebook.  This Data Notebook is my one stop shop for all my data needs....its like the Target of data! :)

Read below for tips on making your own Data Notebook! :)

My Data Notebook is divided into two sections:

Section One: Class Data

1.  This is kept in the very front of my notebook and allows me to see what all kids in my classes need!

2.  Display class data on an easy to read and understand data display.  My favorite data displays are editable grids!

3.  Update student data frequently!
Pictured above is my class snapshot for progress monitoring comprehension skills.   The boxes highlighted in green are specific skill deficits a particular student has.  I then progress monitor students with comprehension exit slips and grade them on a 1-4 rubric. 

Above is my classroom display of phonics skills. Having an editable grid makes it easy to group students with like needs!  Please disregard my large purple symbols....I didn't want to share student names!

I like to keep my Data Notebook out while I am grading papers---it makes it easy for me to automatically update my student and classroom data!  Above are some of the exit slips I use for comprehension, and then my classroom comprehension data display.

Section Two: Individual Student Data
  1. Have a tab for each student
  2. Have each student's tab organized the same
  3. Update student data frequently
Pictured above is one of the assessments I keep behind an individual student's tab.  This assessment tool is used to progress monitor phonics. :) When progress monitoring, I use the blue tabs which are taped on top of the form.

Another piece of individual student data that I include in my Data Notebook is the spelling inventory. Spelling is a key piece in reading in terms of decoding and encoding!

Having a one notebook data system has been so helpful for me this year!!  My notebook is easy to take to IEPs, conferences or even to meet with a teacher to discuss a particular student.  Plus it is cheap, easy to update and I love that all my data is in one place!!

I hope this organizational tip helped. :)  


  1. I love how organized you are with your data. My goal to have all my data accessible via my laptop so I don't have to carry a day book, mark book and data book with me 24/7. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's a great idea Kristy! I also have my data digital....but it I have been a big fan of the one notebook system this year. :)

  2. Your notebook is so organized!! Thank you for joining us!
    - Julie

    1. Thanks Julie! :) I had a blast joining this fabulous group of bloggers! Until next time! :)