April 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Christina over at Miss Decarbo Sugar and Spice for her weekly linky---- Wordless Wednesday!

I love hopping through the Wordless Wednesday blog posts---they are full of great pictures (which give you great ideas) and they are quick to read!

The photo I have got to share is:
I mean....how cute?!?!  Right!?!

This picture is starring Rudy.....our school's therapy dog.  "She" posted this picture on her Facebook and Instagram accounts reminding kids about the hat day we had this week.  If you want to read about Rudy, click here.  

If you are interested in following Rudy.....
Twitter: VCIS_Rudy
Instagram: VCIS_Rudy

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!

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