September 15, 2014

Sight Word Practice....With Technology! :)

Today was SUCH a GREAT we began our MTSS (some of you may call it RTI) groups!  I just love getting into the swing of things.....and this year my building started swinging early!!  Whoop Whoop!! 

I am so proud of the staff in my building.... we completed our screener, analyzed our data...and rolled out our MTSS groups an entire two weeks earlier than last year!  YES!!  Go team!!

Anyway.....the first round of RTI/MTSS groups have a focus on fluency.  

I have a lovely little group of 8 amazing kiddos.....and today we did a fun warm up activity that I thought I would share.

These precious kids are still requiring a bit of work with sight we used the website Cando's Helper Page.  This website has a plethora of sight word practice---you should check it out!!

Anyway..... from this website, I used the 2 syllable flashcards in conjunction with my Mimio.

I had one of the students be in charge of the mimo pen.  A word would flash on the screen.

All of the students in my small group would shout the word out, and the student with the pen would click "yes".....and a new word would pop up!

The students would then shout the second word.  The pen holder would click yes....then a third word...then more shouting....etc.  You get the idea.....  We did this until all 25 words were correctly read.

Now what made this activity so fun.....was that we had a team competition!!  I love me a good competition. 

I timed the students to see how long it took them to say the 25 words......then I timed them a second time to see if they could beat their initial time.

The kids loved it!!!


  1. Love this, Katie! We are in full swing with MTSS too. :-) I'm going to have to try this.

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. Congrats on getting your MTSS up and rolling! I totally believe in this system (RtI for us) and it works! I will check out the website you mentioned. Thanks!
    Conversations in Literacy