May 20, 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List

It. Has. Happened!

Yes, it is true!!

School's. Out. For. The. Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the 1972 Alice Cooper song playing in your head??

If it wasn't........

it is now.......

If you have no idea what song I am talking about, perhaps you should watch the video clip below......

You are welcome for getting that song stuck in your head the rest of the day....... :)

Although I am looking forward to two months of wearing workout pants, t-shirts, flip flops and waking up at 8am  9am......I have a list of things I want to get accomplished.

Welcome to my Summer of 2014 Bucket List
1.  Sewing---First things first---I want to learn to sew!! Don't worry---I am not going to get all sorts of crazy and start making clothes for myself and my family....but can a girl just learn to sew a curtain?  I figured I ALREADY  have a sewing the logical next step would be to ACTUALLY use it!

2. Memory Books-- I am really, really, really, really far behind on making family picture albums!  Hopefully this summer I can get caught up with my wedding (3 years ago), our honeymoon and life in general.  I plan on making the picture books, and then waiting until Shutterfly has a sale.  I love me a good deal!

3. Exploring---How many  people have done all the things their city has to offer?  Not me!  Wichita, Kansas has so many museums, cute little shops, and fun places to eat that I have yet to visit!  Food trucks have made a recent appearance in my home town....and let me tell you----they are all the rage!  So this summer...I want explore the city I live in!

4. Read--So.. First I need to finish some series I have started--Divergent, Maze Runner....and then I have a HUGE list of other books I want to read as I soak up the sun :)

5. Get Fit---Summer is a great time for me and the husband to get in all of our exercise, plus more as we usually walk between 5-10 miles per day.  This summer both of us want to try and lose extra time and extra walking will help us on this journey :)

6. DIY projects---a break isn't complete without getting some projects done around the house....right?  I want to frame some art, stain our deck, finish trim work in our spare bedroom and try my hand at some cute pintrest craft projects!!

7. Train Trip--- I have always wanted to take a train trip somewhere....anywhere really!!  I have been researching some trips on Amtrak's website...but haven't really had time to digest all of the information.  I am thinking a one or two day trip....just to try it out.

Whats on your bucket list this summer????  Link up below!!

Thanks to Graphics From the Pond for the cute summer clip art! :)


  1. This is a great list! I love to sew and while I'm no master seamstress it is a million times cheaper to make your own curtains! I do my family albums on snapfish, but is love shutterfly too, check out and you can almost always find a coupon code!

    1. Erin,

      Thanks for the tip about have never heard of that website!! :) I am off to visit your blog and read about your bucket list. :)

  2. I love the idea! I just created my Summer Bucket List and posted to my blog. I tried adding it to add my link, but it's already closed.

    Thanks for sharing! :)