February 4, 2014

Snow Day!!!!

The snow gods have answered my prayers........

Our school district finally got a snow day today!  Yipee!!  But....you know what's even better......

We get ANOTHER snow day tomorrow!  Whoop Whoop!!

I have pretty much spent today doing a whole lot of nothing, but tomorrow I plan to actually get something accomplished. Ha!

Well I suppose I did accomplish a few things---like play around with a new app that I am completely obsessed with.  It's called InstaText.

I have always wondered how people get cute text on their pictures......and now I have the answer. InstaText!  It is basically like Instagram on steroids, because you still have the ability to play around with the lighting in your photos (classic Instagram)...but with InstaText you can add all sorts of cute text in a variety of fonts, stamps, and frames!!   Of course it is free......

Here is one of my InstaText creations.....

How cute is this picture of my puppy?  Adorbs, right?

So if you have some spare time---download the app!  I am thinking it would be perfect for bloggers who want to add their blog address/name to their pictures before they pin.  Just an idea....



  1. Snow days finally for us too! :-) now I'm off to find that app...


  2. Snow day number 4 for me today! This has been one crazy winter!