February 6, 2014

Snow Day #3

Well.....we are going on snow day number 3 here in Kansas.  It isn't so much the snow that is keeping us out of school....but the bitterly cold temperatures!!  With the wind chill we were -20 this morning!  BRRRRR.......

On my first snow day.... I did pretty much nothing...and loved it.  True story.  

On my second snow day....I actually got quite a bit accomplished!  I was finally able to work on some math products for TPT.  I know....I am a reading interventionist....so why would I be putting math products on TPT?  

Well.....my wonderful husband has been teaching math his whole teaching career and has a ton of GREAT ideas!!  Thus I am picking his brain (aka stealing his ideas).....and making some products that will be perfect for intermediate to middle grade math teachers .  

The first math product I finished is called Numerical Expression Match Up.  It is a fun and engaging way for students to practice numerical expression (PEMDAS or Order of Operations).  There are 27 cards with numerical expression problems---students solve each of the problems looking for the 14 expressions that match.

My hubs used Numerical Expression Match Up with his kiddos the other day in class......and it went great! The kids worked like beavers and were able to get a ton of practice with numerical expressions!

Now off to enjoy the remainder of snow day 3........



  1. Oh, Katie! We went back today AND it was the 100th day! Good thing I had those two days to rest up first. LOL! ;-) So cool that you and hubby can team up!


  2. Isn't this winter weather ridiculous??? I saw that comic on Pinterest the other morning and totally could relate. Here's hoping that you will get back to business this week. The time off is nice, but I'm sure we won't feel that way in June. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings