September 4, 2013

Website Wednesday

Before I reveal my website for Website Wednesday....I have to share my excitement for what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow, I (and many others) will be attending the Kansas MTSS Symposium!!!  I wish you could see my face right no-- because my grin is stretching from ear to ear!!!

The Kansas MTSS Symposium is a HUGE conference that brings together teachers and administrators from all over the state of Kansas in order to strengthen instruction for all students.   It is a fabulous three day affair where I will be blessed to hear presentations from some of education's best and brightest ---we are talking national speakers from all over the US!!  Can you sense my enthusiasm?!?!  AHHHHH I can barely stand it!!!

I am most excited to see Anita Archer---she is one of my reading instruction idols!  Have you heard of her?  I am currently using one of her resources (Sopris Rewards) with my tier 3 kiddos.  The resource is paying off, as I have seen remarkable improvement in my students ability to decode multi-syllabic words.  Their fluency and confidence has also increased.  Do you think it would be lame to try and get a picture with her.....maybe even her autograph?!?  Maybe that would be creepy......

I promise I will blog about all I have learned :) So....stay tuned

Now on to the website. :)

I feel as though there are a multitude of reading diagnostics to assist teachers in diagnosing students' reading needs.....but what is there for math?  What is out there to help teachers determine math weaknesses in their students?  Lucky for you I have discovered a free diagnostic math website.  Yep--FREE!  Yep---a MATH diagnostic. :)  The website is called Math Reasoning Inventory.

Math Reasoning Inventory is directly tied to Common Core and allows you to discover how your students think and reason through math.  The MRI instant report is perfect to inform your instruction, organize intervention groups and awesome to share with parents.  You are able to enroll 160 students on the website--and it is FREE!!

I don't know all the ins and outs of the website---but I was just so excited I had FINALLY found a math diagnostic!!

Have a great night....I hope I can sleep...I feel like it is Christmas Eve!!


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