September 2, 2013

Currently September

Happy Labor Day everyone!!  Isn't it great to have an extra day in the weekend---I could get used to this :). Today I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and presenting my Currently September.

1.   Harry Potter is definitely my favorite book series of all time....but strangely enough I have never watched the movies.  I have seen bits and pieces of the films here and there---and apparently that is how it is going to be today; I started watching halfway through the movie.  Maybe one day I will actually get to sit down and have a Harry Patter marathon!

2. Don't you just love the extra day in our weekend?  The husband and I have had a great weekend so far--we have gotten in tons of gardening, cleaned the house, had a barbecue with friends and taken the pup for lots of walks.

3. I for sure need to get some grading done!  Last week I tested 5th graders using our district's diagnostic assessment (DRA--Developmental Reading Assessment).  Now I just have to score the comprehension packets.  Do you all use the DRA?

4. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in some reading today.  Last night I downloaded two books on my nook--The Giver and The Maze Runner. I just finished up The Hunger Games, and I was going through book/series withdraw---so I am pretty pumped I have something to read now! Has anyone read either of these books?


5. I need to finish some TPT projects--I have so many ones that I have started, and it is high time I get them done!

6.  Just like Farley said on her blog---the last Currently space should be reserved for a little "you time."  Something that makes you happy.  Thus--I am going to try and get in 150 miles of walking this month. Last month my husband and I walked 130 miles--so I think we can do it!!  I also would like to get a pedicure--I haven't had one in over a year and I think I should treat myself. :)

Hope everyone enjoys their day!



  1. I have some TPT projects that I need to finish, too. I seem to keep finding other things that I need to do first.


  2. Congrats on the walking! Take some me time and go get your pedicure!
    Two Friends In First

  3. I've read both of those books and loved them. They are very different, but both great, and both part of a larger series. Have you read Divergent? That's a great one too-also dystopian.

    The Harry Potter books are much better than the movies, although I did enjoy the movies.

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  4. You've picked two very different books! They're both in Science Fiction, but the Giver is a gentle take on a futuristic community. The ending is interesting. It seems to be interpreted two ways; I'd be curious to see what you think. Lois Lowry, many years later, wrote two other books that go with this one. They're not exactly a trilogy, but Gathering Blue is about a different community, and Messenger ties the two stories together.

    The Maze Runner is also very good, kind of intriguing in a what's-going-on kind of way. I really liked it, and have read it as a read aloud with classes filled with unmotivated boy readers. It's also part of a trilogy, but I found the second book very bleak, the third one bleak but a little more hopeful.

    I hope that helps. Enjoy reading them! And keep walking! Teaching is a very demanding profession, and we need to do all we can to stay physically and mentally fit!