April 3, 2016

April Currently

Hi Friends!

I am linking up with Farley for her beginning of the month linky, Currently.

I am listening to Log Cabin Living on HGTV.  My husband and I are pretty much HGTV junkies.....

I am loving that today is Rudy's 7th birthday!  We plan on celebrating tomorrow at school!

On Tuesday we have a salad luncheon at school, so I am thinking about this delicious pasta salad I am going to make.  I found it on Pinterest last week.....made it....and loved it!  Do yourself a favor and check it out!

I am wanting my plants to sprout.  Last week my neighbors and I had a "sowing the seeds" party......it was pretty much a blast!  We decided that having parties where you plant seeds officially makes us all old.....#sowwhat. :)  Ummm.....did you know that it takes asparagus 730 days to reach maturity?!?!  I thought it was a typo....but no...so we will be enjoying asparagus 2 years from now. haha

I am needing the Kansas Legislature to get their act together.  If you haven't been following what has been going on in Kansas in regards to our government.....check out what Seth Meyers has to say about it. Ha!

Okay we have already established I am an old person because I have seed planting parties......lets just add another layer to that.  For my whatever I am super excited about the Tulip Festival in a nearby town next weekend!  It is going to be FUN! :)  I promise to post pics! :)


  1. I love tulips! I would definitely enjoy a tulip festival. There's nothing wrong with being an old person in a young person's body!

  2. I love tulips! Can't wait to see pictures! They are so pretty! The pasta salad looks amazing! Thanks for sharing that link! I am already reading the recipe! Hehe!
    Magically in First