February 15, 2016

Monday Made It: Connect 4!

I am always on the lookout.......or racking my brain to try and think of fun and engaging games to play with my fifth and sixth graders to review phonics skills.

Now.....If I can find (or create) a game that requires little prep.....even better!

So......today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for a Monday Made It, because I want to share an easy, no-prep, fun and engaging game that I just made :)

Connect 4 is a REALLY easy game to prepare, play and adapt to various needs--but better yet the kids love it!  In fact.......my kiddos request it!

Prep and setup is super easy!  Basically all you need is one game board per pair of students, markers or chips to cover the squares and a six-sided die.  I laminate or put my game board in plastic sleeves so my kids can use dry erase markers--but either way works!

As far as how to play....well....Connect 4 is just like the old fashioned game......except on paper!
  1. Player A rolls a die and chooses any open word underneath the number they rolled.  Player A must read the word chosen correctly.
  2. Player B then rolls the die and repeats the same process.
  3. If a player rolls a "6," he or she gets to erase (or take a chip off) one of his or her opponents words.
  4. If there are no open spots in the numbered column, they player loses a turn.
  5. Play continues until a player gets four in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal)

Basically once you have one connect four template.....you can create endless games.  I plan on making lots more....but so far I have created a  Connect 4 game one for digraphs, the advanced vowel team oy/oi, the R controlled vowel team or, ar, and advanced vowel teams ee, ou, oa.

Check them out if you have a chance....or create some of your own!  Like I said---they are easy to make and super fun for kids!!

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