April 17, 2021

High Frequency Words Part 5: High Frequency Word Resources

You have done it!  You have made it to the end of the High Frequency Words series. Whoop Whoop!  I hope you are walking away with new knowledge and new ideas, or affirmations that what you are currently doing is best practice.

If you haven't had a chance to read the previous posts, don't worry!  Just click the links below for the titles that are of interest to you.

High Frequency Words Part 4: How to Master Regular High Frequency Words

For this post I would like to showcase various resources you can use to provide students with more exposure to high frequency words.   These resources should be used AFTER you have directly taught some those tricky heart words. 

These resources are really fun and low prep, aka a teacher recipe for a win! :)

With One breath boxes students take one deep breath and correct read all of the word in the first box.  Then students take another deep breath and read the words in the second box (which is a bit longer).  Repeat until all boxes are read.   This a great activity to do with partners, to send home for students to do with their parents or with a classroom aide or para!

The Fry Phrase Pack Bundle includes phrases for ALL of Fry's list (as pictured below). Included in the bundle is a checklist for each list of 100, teacher assessments, speed trial recording sheets, connect four game, a bingo game and a Fry-Bo game (played like Skip Bo)!  

Make sure to check out Sightwords.com as they have a lot of great resources too! 

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