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September 23, 2020

What's On Your Plate?

A few weeks ago I was preparing professional development for first and second year teachers in my school district.  New teachers not only need the basics of classroom management, routines, procedures and relationships....but this year they also need training on how to effectively be a remote educator.  

The first year of teaching is difficult under normal circumstances, but this is no normal year.  I feel for these first year teachers as so much extra is being added to their already overflowing plate.  

To acknowledge the amount of stress each new teacher is facing, I started with a What's On Your Plate? activity.   This is a great activity to use with any age (youth all the way to adults)! The purpose of the activity is for participants to honor all of the issues and tasks they have on their mind.

We have all heard the analogy, "My plate is really full." Which is a code phrase for, "My brain is so full, I literally can't fit any more in it!"  We have all been there.  We all know how stressful a full or overflowing plate can be.  

Whats On Your Plate? gives participants a chance to get all of those thoughts swimming around in their brains out on paper.  This activity acknowledges how many responsibilities and commitments everyone has, and then allows them to set those thoughts aside and be fully present for the meeting, class period, activity, etc.  See below for materials, instructions and plate example.


1 comment:

  1. This seems to be a great activity for trainers to use and let the Teachers identify their stress areas